The 5 best destinations in Italy to feel the autumn!​

Who doesn’t want to go to Italy at least once in a lifetime.

I definitely do!

Travelers who book itinerary packages often lose spectacular sightseeing options.

This list of best destinations in Italy especially in autumn is for you to make sure that you don’t miss them from your list.

1. La Verna Monastery – Casentinesi Forest National Park

La Verna Monastery – Casentinesi Forest National Park

Autumn is a wonderful season, perfect to discover the fall foliage in a sunny Country like Italy is.

La Verna Monastery is one of the Holy buildings you can discover in central Italy.

Although it is an amazing place to visit in all season, autumn is the best period of the year to discover this hidden gem of the Casentino Mountains. The Penna rocky hill is covered by an incredible ancient beech and chestnut tree forest. Yellow is the brighter colour you can see during the fall foliage time.

Saint Francis used to pray into this fascinating forest. You can discover on foot the favourite places of the Saint, breathing super fresh air.

2. Langhe, Alba – Piemonte

Langhe, Alba – Piemonte

Langhe in Piemonte region, UNESCO world heritage site, is one of the best Italian place for seasonal products. The city of Alba is the first world market for truffles. There are few places around the world where you can eat so well like in Alba during autumn. The second half of October is the perfect time to visit the area. Vineyards are totally coloured and you can enjoy incredible views from the hill top villages.

Do not miss ancient castles like Grinzane Cavour, Serralunga d’Alba, La Morra, Monforte d’Alba and Barolo, of course, the true heart of this wine production area.

This wonderful blending of culture, great food and top wines make Langhe the perfect destination to fully experiment the Italian style of life.

3. Alpe Devero – Piemonte: third best destination in Italy

Alpe Devero – Piemonte

Just few hours from Milan, you can reach this magical and peaceful place in Piedmont region.

Alpe Devero is a paradise for photography lovers, especially during autumn, when larch forests become yellow. There are incredible little lakes between the mountains, reflecting the majestic peaks on the surrounds. The ideal destination for photographic excursions or, simply, to enjoy the fresh breeze of the high Italian valleys. Little stone-made villages complete the picture: there are no streets for cars between the houses, just green grass and cobbled paths. You can also look cows on pastures lands: this is a place where is possible to find great cheese.

4. Lucca – Tuscany

Lucca – Tuscany

Just one hour from Florence, Lucca is one of the most beautiful city in Tuscany. Weather is usually sunny and warm due to the proximity to the sea. During autumn, the old town changes completely if compared to other season. Its intact walls surround the city and you can walk on top, having a look to the life flowing below: it is like a tree-lined circular avenue, embracing all the heart of the city, with its bell towers, churches and squares.

You can reach every spot on foot or by bike, which may be the perfect way to discover also some places outside the city walls, like the incredible Nottolini aqueduct and the Serchio river valley.

5. Salento – Puglia

Salento – Puglia

Salento is located in the southern area of Puglia region.

Autumn is the perfect season to discover it, after the hot and crowded summer. The weather is always warm and sunny in this part of the peninsula, so much so that most of the vegetables in Italy come from here.

The region is famous for tomatoes and olives production. In fact, you can find tasty fresh products and incredible dishes here.

Even if water it could be a little bit cold in this season to have a swim, you can visit ancient white stone villages and taste new wine and olive oil. You can also have long relaxing walks on the white beaches without the crowd of summer tourists.

These are a few i know, but we are loking for more off-beat destination all around the world.

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