About Me

Gurvinder Kaur


If you landed on this page, it’s most likely because you are as interested and enthusiastic in travel as much as me.

Let's talk more About Me: 

Not only am I passionate about travel, but also about documenting everything that travel encompasses: from top information about the best attractions about different destinations, to the best underrated things to eat, to tips and tricks about how to build great blog posts and pieces.

On the other hand,

I particularly consider myself a Travel Blogger.

What exactly does this mean? Well, it simply means that I have a passion for traveling, but specifically about the travel blogging community. More specifically, I am interested in developing a presence among this ever-growing community for a number of important reasons:

To Motivate:

Yes, it is true that there are already thousands of travel influencers on social media that appear to have already made it. Their high numbers of followers and paid sponsorships can be quite intimidating and almost demotivating for other people trying to incorporate themselves in the travel blog community.

Many aspiring bloggers often get let down by how slow their social media accounts or blogs grow, and often think that quitting is probably the best solution.

However, I am here to tell you that it is perfectly possible to become successful in this industry...if you follow the right steps. I am here to motivate you and to encourage that if this is a path you are passionate about, it is definitely worth investing time and effort on it.

To Provide Unique Content:

There are several things I strive to put forward in my blog.

The first thing you can expect from this website, is the exclusive content about all sorts of different destinations. Of course, the most visited attractions of each different place will be addressed - one simply cannot ignore important typical tourist destinations as they are popular for a reason.


My aim is to also shine light on undiscovered places and original things to do - so that any trip you have is the best it can be. In other words, you can expect to read unstereotypical sides of a wide variety of different places.

Secondly, we all know the stereotypical story of the traveller who sold all their belongings and bought a place ticket explore the world. Although this may have been true for many bloggers out there, these type of scenarios are pretty unrealistic for the majority of us, and are quite romanticised.

Because of this,

My aim is to explain how you can actually plan your life according to whichever lifestyle you have, and how to balance work and travel; without having to take such drastic measures.

Finally, as part of your travel blogging experience, some content will also be directed for travel bloggers who are looking to collaborate with other travel bloggers or influencers. This is with the intention of helping create a community of aspiring travel bloggers wanting to grow and become present in the digital world.

Blogging Technicalities: 

If you are considering taking up travel blogging as a serious career path, it is very important to know little tricks and strategies to optimize your blog posts and stand out among this large ocean of bloggers. Some of the things we will cover are how to hook readers, how to make your blog as readable as possible, how to make it unique, and much more.

That said,

I want to thank you for coming on this journey with me, and I look forward to getting to know you better as well.

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