Checklist for your Next Business Trip: 10 Things you should get Ready

women business travel essentials

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”, said Albert Einstein. His words are especially true when it comes to business travel. Unless you ask what to pack for a business travel trip checklist, it’s certain that you’re going to make mistakes.

A Business trip is very different from the vacation trip. You have an objective, you’ve strict time schedules, and all that goes in your mind is the work that you want to accomplish. Doing all these things is not easy. So it is important to plan in advance for your next business packing list.

If you’re planning your first business trip, then also you can refer to this business travel essentials list to avoid the common pitfalls. After all, this will help you to focus on your work and enjoy your trip at the same time.

1) Business cards

This is the foremost thing you should pack for a business trip. Even though we’re living in a high-tech world still, the importance of business cards has remained the same. Forgetting your business card creates a bad impression on your client. It also minimises your chances to create a successful business network.

Keeping a bunch of business cards in a card holder would be a good idea. This will keep your cards in good condition and maintain your business reputation.

2) Check your mobile service plans

Travelling with a usual mobile plan could bring you into financial trouble, especially when you’re travelling internationally. Most of the service providers charge heavily if you do not transfer your plans from national to international roaming. Not only some mobile companies charge heavily for calling but also on your internet usage.

You can avoid all this turmoil if you check in advance the billing rates for your business travel location. For a good reason, you can carry a

3) Travel Documents holder

The most important things on your international business trip checklist are your travel documents. Missing them or failing to carry some of them will ruin your whole business trip. The best thing is to keep all your documents in a travel document holder and check twice before you pack your bag. Also, for more safety, you can attach a sticker with your contact details printed on the document holder.

4) Carry Good Headphones

If you want to avoid the noise of passenger on your business trip or feeling a bit stressed the best solution is to take out the headphones off your bag. There may be times when you’ve to wait for a long time and it could be frustrating. To deal with this situation you can listen to your favourite songs or binge-watch a movie that will keep you motivated. It will be wise to choose the noise cancellation headphones for better feel.

5) Keep only Essential Personal care items

Your business trip would be really tiresome if you burden yourself with extra luggage. So keep only those personal care items that are essential for your trip. Business hotels provide certain things like soap, shampoo and other toiletries to their customers. If it is suitable, you can use them or try to carry these items in small quantity.

If you’re travelling to a developed country then you can be a bit assured of getting safe water. But, sometimes it is time-saving to get a Filter Bottle with you. Also, you can avoid spending expenses on purchasing a new bottle every time.

6) Power Bank and Mobile charger

The problem of fast draining of battery is getting common nowadays. It can be wearisome if you’re mobile gets switched off on a business trip. To avoid trouble carry a high-capacity power bank and also a suitable mobile charge for your phone. But, don’t forget to charge your power bank in advance before you leave for your trip. It will also be a good idea to get a defender cover to your phone for added protection.

7) Couple of Business Outfits

Carry at least one extra business outfit with you. Business trip packing list male would include neckties, pocket squares, pairs of socks, undergarments, belts and other men accessories. A pair of good shoes completes your business outfit.

The business trip packing list female would include a couple of bottoms, especially you should keep at least one in basic black colour. You can take a pair of classic trousers, shirts and dress that suits the professional settings. Choose a minimal of the sophisticated accessories. A scarf can transform the look of your outfit, so it’s good to keep one.

8) Medications for Business trip

If you have or do not have any health issues, packing the basic first-aid kit would be a good choice. It would also be wise to consult your health care provider if you’ve recently had any health issues. A good preparedness on your part can help you to tackle many unprecedented problems.

You can ruin your reputation with a bad smell from your mouth. To avoid such a gruesome situations, carry breath mints and chew them sometime before you enter a conference room or office.

9)  A hand sanitizer

On a busy business trip, you’ve to shake many hands that can be a reason to transfer germs. The most common of them is catching a cold and this is especially annoying on a business trip. Keeping a hand sanitizer would minimise any risks of contagious infections. But, be tactful when using the sanitizer. Avoid using it every time you shake a new hand.

10) Business Tools

Keep in mind to include your business tools in your business trip checklist. Your laptop, hard disk could be your important business tools. Also, check whether you’ve stored the power point presentation on your pen drive or hard disk. Don’t rely on someone else to mail you the copy of your presentations. This also includes ensuring that you’ve kept all your business documents in your bag. Following this business trip template can help you a lot on your domestic and international business trips.

First time to Bangkok: Do’s and Don’ts

first time to bangkok

First Time Traveler to Bangkok??-Here are a few gainful tips

Bangkok is a mixture of fascinating sights, intriguing fragrances and visual joys. The Thai city is as different as it is entrancing. In any case, to slake the quest for the sake of entertainment sans any negative encounters amid the main visit here, it is critical to tidy off that savvy familiar maxim.

So as not to waste your time let’s quickly dive into details..

Here is some helpful data about Bangkok – everything that first-time guests with tickets to Bangkok require so as to design an important outing.

Bangkok's Unique Attractions

This overwhelming city offers an uncommon investigation to uncover concealed insider facts. It’s basic out of the blue guests to save enough time to see a portion of the fortunes that have given an unbelievable status to this city.

The Grand Palace – The most famous point of interest of Bangkok displays dazzling engineering and is the embodiment of Thai craftsmanship. The astonishing and interesting castle is home to the profoundly worshipped Temple of Emerald Buddha which has been an extensive draw for otherworldly disapproved to book air tickets to Bangkok.

The Grand Palace

The most famous point of interest of Bangkok displays dazzling engineering and is the embodiment of Thai craftsmanship. The astonishing and interesting castle is home to the profoundly worshipped Temple of Emerald Buddha which has been an extensive draw for otherworldly disapproved to book air tickets to Bangkok.

Wat Pho

 Popular as the sanctuary of Reclining Buddha, the sanctuary has an overwhelming statue of Lord Buddha (46 meters) in the leaning back position. The sanctuary is one of the biggest in Bangkok and is the place the renowned Thai back rub has its roots.

Wat Arun

The flawlessly enhanced sanctuary of Dawn on the west bank of Chao Phraya River is taking care of business amid dusk and breathes life into the environment.

Bangkok Canals

Bangkok Canals or the Khlongs have earned Bangkok the sobriquet of ‘Venice of East’ and some have changed into novel gliding markets and guarantee remarkable shopping knowledge. 

Siam Ocean World Bangkok

Siam Ocean World Bangkok is one of the biggest aquariums in Southeast Asia with a staggering accumulation of submerged life. Welcome the uncommon animals from the submerged passage, or from on board the glass base pontoon; the experience of jumping and swimming with sharks is enchanting.

These are a few and must to visit places when in Bangkok.

Lets’ dive onto next worry and yes you guessed it right; Hotels!!

Wondering where to sleep? These places won't disappoint you and a good choice for anybody

Sightseers can browse a scope of sumptuous, boutique and spending inns which take into account all pockets and tastes. Most inns feature all the richness and courtesies mixed with calm Thai outline and cultured friendliness. So truly, there is something for everybody. Nonetheless, picking the one that satisfies all desires is very evident out of the blue guests. So here is a rundown of couple of inns to look over.

5. Lub d Bangkok - Silom

4. Regent Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel

3. Baiyoke Boutique Hotel

2. Dream Bangkok

1. White Orchid

Next on the list is "Shopping in Bangkok"

When you are on your “first time to Bangkok” adventure you definitely have to have shopping on the list. This present customer’s heaven offers unbridled joy baiting shopping oddities. This Bargain seeker’s asylum offers an uncommon opportunity to deal for things extending from conventional specialties to fascinating collectibles. Here are some renowned shopping territories that join shopping and touring into one.

5. Khao San Road

4. Siam Shopping

3. Chatuchak Market

2. Chidlom – Ploenchit Shopping

1. Chinatown Shopping

Eating out?? Well these places would help

Bangkok surely is obsessive about nourishment. Various swanky eateries serving worldwide cooking styles and endless merchants relegating some distinguished ethnic nourishment at each niche and corner, draws foodies to purchase aircraft tickets to Bangkok. Think about some noticeable eateries for stomach thundering background.

5. Belguardo

4. The China House

3. A Garden

2. Charm Thai

1. Indian Hut

Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok today has a chic cosmopolitan shine, a recently discovered smoothness demonstrated by swanky housetop bars, rich jazz lounges and elegant clubs. Some of Asia’s most happening night-clubs can be found in Bangkok. So Bangkok has a comment any sort of nightlife ache for. How about we have perceiving take a gander at a handpicked choice of a few settings for awesome night-outs for party sweethearts purchasing shabby tickets to Bangkok.

5. Gazebo

4. Immortal

3. Lava Club

2. Nana Plaza

1. Lava Club

Things Not to Do In Bangkok: Don'ts

First time guests touching base on flights to Bangkok ought to be aware of a couple of things to stay away from any shame or more awful, here are a couple of things to abstain from doing in Thailand.

• Overstaying the visa is a culpable offense.

• Drug trafficking or utilization is unlawful here.

• It is inconsiderate to get excessively affectionate out in the open.

• Showing bottoms of feet is considered exceptionally inconsiderate.

• It is hostile to decry the King, the illustrious family or any establishment of the government.

Willing to travel Bangkok at reasonable airfares? Book cheap airline tickets to Bangkok now and avail amazing discounted on booking with us.


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Kerala best hotels and things to do with family: Enthralling trip

Kerala best hotels

I knew it was time for me to put the hectic nine to five schedule on standby when I started dreaming about bacterial cell walls and bacteriophages. Sounds hilarious but being a microbiologist, I have been eating, drinking and sleeping with them since a year. So, I Googled about the places and chose the land of God, Kerala as my destination. I have always wanted to visit the pristine beaches and explore the marvel of Kerala, so I hurriedly booked my tickets and headed to the Indira Gandhi National Airport.

Experience at Cochin: Hotel Keys

I reached the land of chronicles, Cochin at 12:10 a.m. via Indigo airlines. I checked into Hotel Keys after an hour and found the hotel calm and quiet. I have heard lots of the fantastic spa of the hotel, so I decided to give it a try, and after signing into my room, I headed directly to one of their spas. The three hours that I spent there was worth every penny and with every tired muscle in my body jazzed up. I felt surprisingly energized after the sensational therapy and was ready to commence my week long adventure. I started my travel with Fort Kochi indulging into the beauty of the place. 

Places to visit: Fort Kochi, Cherai Beach, Mattancherry Palace, Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, St. Francis CSI Church, Indo-Portuguese Museum, and Ernakulum Shiva Temple 

Food to eat: Appam, Kaalan, and Meen Curry.

Beautiful night at Munnar: Clouds Valley Hotel

After a long day at Kochi, I hired a taxi for Munnar going ahead with my traveling list reaching Clouds Valley at 11 p.m. I loved the hotel’s soothing and welcoming aura and enjoyed the silence while watching the valleys from the hotel. I dozed off to sleep after some time and woke up at 6 a.m. I was surprised to watch the glistening valleys with the sun rays. I got ready and delighted my taste buds with the free breakfast bonanza at Clouds Valley.

Things to do: Explore some of the amazing travel destinations of Munnar like Eravikulam National Park, Anamudi, Hydro Park, Fun Forest, Tea Museum, Attakud waterfalls, Spices Park and Wonder Valley.

What’s in lunch?: The Sadya lunch with several curries and payasam appeased my stomach and soul.

A Sophisticated stay at Thekkady: Hotel Vista

The next destination on my bucket list was to visit the incredible Periyar National Park, so I booked a cab and reached Hotel Vista, Thekkady and called it a night right away after checking into my room. The next morning I traveled straight to the kerala’s best  hotel’s restaurant and the Pazham Pori served to me won my heart. The hotel service and staffs were very enthusiastic and cooperative taking utmost care of my luxurious stay. I spent rest of my day filming the spectacular Periyar and challenged my capabilities with Border Hiking and Bamboo Rafting in the wildlife reserve. I had an amazing experience traversing the beautiful park and also spotted a deer, two tigers, and herd of elephants.

The Alleppey: Bedroom houseboat relaxation

Continuing with my lovely holiday, I arrived at Alleppey and rested the whole day in my boat bedroom enjoying the lush green artistry of the beautiful land. I had a sumptuous meal of Kerala biryani and sweet payasam. Come evening, I got out of my pyjamas and headed to the Alappuzha beach and Mullakkal Temple to educate myself with the traditional monuments of the past century.

Kovalam: Uday Samudra experience

Kovalam was my next location on Kerala adventure, and I signed into Uday Samudra Beach Hotel at 1 a.m. after my astounding journey from Alleppey to Kovalam via road. The visited the Lighthouse beach, and some breath-taking palm backed beaches like the Samudra beach, the Hawa and Samudra beach park enjoying the serenity and exquisiteness of the beaches. I spent an hour at the Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium, and Hatchery and the diverse variety of the fishes, turtles, crabs, and lobsters present there was enthralling. The place also boasts a collection of starfishes and corals making it a prominent tourist spot.

I also visited the fantastic pilgrimage site, Kerala on my sixth day and guided my soul with the pure spirituality of the place. I sojourned to Bagavathi Amman Temple, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, and Padmanabhapuram Palace, Vattakottai Fort, Mathur Aqueduct and other beautiful sites.

Conclude at Trivandrum: Hotel Keys

I ended my journey by traveling to the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum and stayed at Hotel Keys and had an amazing spa experience again at the beautiful hotel. I went to Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Napier Museum, Attukal temple, Kowidar Palace and Shankumugham beach.

I boarded my flight from Trivandrum International Airport with my heart content, having enthralling memories. Kerala truly rejuvenates the body and soul.

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Mysore sightseeing planning made easy: add these 15 places to your itinerary

Mysore sightseeing planning

Looking for another offbeat destination in India?

If yes, then spread your wings and fly high in the sky.

Yes, yes, I am talking about visiting Mysore.

Brace yourself for an exciting journey, and fulfill your wanderlust.

Mysore is not a hidden place for most tourists who visit for a Yoga retreat, but they do need a long term mysore sightseeing planning.

A visit to Mysore isn’t going to be an ordinary experience. It’s going to be a journey filled with exciting experiences, rich cultural heritage, from food to festivals; from visiting museums to royal palaces, everything is worth spending your holidays and money on.

So either plan a romantic date with your spouse or just spend summer holidays with your family at Mysore and make some fine memories.

Mysore will make a perfect destination for anyone who’s at a lookout for some adventure and a great time.

  The exciting city will not only keep you entertained but will also make your journey worthwhile.

  • #1 Majestic Mysore Palace
  • #2 Chanmundeshwari Temple
  • #3 Brindavan Gardens
  • #4 Lavish Palace
  • #5 Mysore Zoo
  • #6 Dussehra Celebrations
  • #7 St. Philomena's Cathedral
  • #8 Karanji Lake
  • #9 Shop for Silk Sarees in Mysore
  • #10 The Railway Museum
  • #11 Local Delicacies
  • #12 Guess this one????
  • #13 The Jaganmohan Palace
  • #14 Folklore Museum
  • #15 The GRS Fantasy Park
  • Mysore Yoga School

Why visit Mysore? Well! to complete the journey to South India

You know what they say about Mysore, “if you haven’t been to Mysore, you just haven’t been to South India.”

Mysore is one of the most sought out adventurous places in India, located some distance away from Bangalore.

Mysore is the second most famous, flamboyant, largest city in the state of Karnataka.

Mysore is famous for its exquisite silk saris, sumptuous architecture, sandalwood and yoga amongst many other things.

Mysore is also well known for the profound history of its splendid royal heritage.

Mysore is a must to visit destinations.

So, when you plan to visit Mysore, have a look at our recommended places, and must include them in your list of must-to-visit-places.

1. Majestic Mysore Palace: Get mesmerized

Mysore Palace 2 day visit
Photo Courtesy: @breanaonsocial on Instagram

The majestic palace would turn out to be an enticing experience for someone who is visiting the city for the very first time.

The place is ideal for an enticing, memorable holiday adventure.

Mysore is popularly known for its impressive architecture and rich cultural heritage.

Mysore is especially famous for the majestic Mysore Palace. It’s been declared, undoubtedly one of India’s, finest buildings.

There is just not one Mysore palace, there is so much more to explore in Mysore. 

Mysore is most colorful in days during Dussehra Festival, a grand display festival.

Mysore is a must to stop spot if you stop on any South Indian route.  You must spare at least 2, 3 days to visit Mysore and make the most of your journey.

Everything about this palace is worth seeing and recording to take back home.

It’s recommended to visit it with plenty of time in hand to enjoy and take in every moment of your visit.

Where is it located?

Sayyaji Rao Road, Agrahara, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For students : INR 10

For kids: INR 30.

For tourists: INR 50.

2. Mysore’s crown, Chamundeshwari Temple is a must visit when on trip to Mysore

The Temple is another historical place that’s a must to visit when visiting Mysore.

And guess what! You don’t necessarily have to be religious too to visit this place.

The construction of the temple, the perfect display of the Goddess Durga in her ferocious manner is spectacular, indeed.

Where is the Temple located?

Chamundi Hills, Mysuru, Karnataka.

Entry Fees

No entry fee.

3. Spending evenings in the Brindavan Gardens is so much fun!

Spending your evenings in Brindavan is so much fun.

During your stay in Mysore, your visit here will prove to be entertaining and relaxing.

The beautiful Brindavan Garden is the perfect place to be in especially in the evenings.

It’s a great hang out place for families or even couples, or to be with friends.

This amazing garden is the center of tourist attraction in the city.

There’s plenty to do here, taking a walk amidst the beautiful flowers and their scent will relax your mind and make you feel utterly romantic.

You may also just sit and relax after a tiring day, admire the scenery, fountain shows, or could also enjoy the boating ride.

Where is it located?

KRS Dam Road, Mysore, Karnataka

Entry fees 

For Adults: INR 15

For Kids: INR 5

4. Enjoy the luxury to stay at the lavish palace

While, there are many local hotels in Mysore that provide with a luxurious stay.

But staying at a lavish palace is best for those who are in the city for more than a day.

So, yes, pamper yourself, enjoy the moment and forget everything else in the world. No other experience in the world can beat this one. Trust me.

This royal treatment is the best way to pamper yourself like none other. The experience is going to be phenomenal, but for that, you have to come and stay

A break from the daily monotonous and hectic life and indulging in a fine luxury like this one is what you deserve, so what are you waiting for, visit and avail it.

Famous royal palaces hotels to add in your Mysore Trip Package

Fortune JP Palace, Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel, Royal Orchid Brindavan Garden Palace and Spa.

Price: INR 5,000 to INR 15,000 for two.

5. Mysore Zoo is the best spot to go wildlife

The zoo of Mysore is very famous for its bears and jaguars. If you visit Mysore and don’t visit the zoo you will surely miss the most fun part. It’s no doubt amongst the best things to do in Mysore. It’s the best pick for those wildlife enthusiasts; they can get a little taste of thrill in Mysore too to calm their wild side.

Mysore Zoo location?

 Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Main Road, Zoo Rd, Indiranagar, Mysuru, Karnataka.
Entry Fees

Adults: INR 50 ….For Kids: INR 20

6. Mysore Dussehra Celebrations

Mysore is most colorful in days during Dussehra Festival, a grand display festival.

The Mysore palace looks absolutely gorgeous with all the gleaming lights and decorations. Dussehra festival is one of its best kind and a must to attend fairs in the city. In days of Dussehra festival, the city comes alive and is considered one of the most celebrated festivals in the country.

Entry Fees

Absolutely free.

When does the festival happen?

September or October.

7. Visit the major attraction, St. Philomena’s Cathedral

St. Philomena’s Cathedral, was built in 1956, and is regarded as of the largest churches in India. The building has gothic architecture look. And it looks most stunning in the evening. It’s the best place for tourists who are looking forward to having solace or peaceful time on their trip, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Loudres Nagar, Ashoka Road, Lashkar Mohalla in Mysuru City

Entry free

Absolutely free visit.


Morning 5:00 AM to Evening 6:00 PM.

8. Experience peace and tranquility with Karanji Lake

This place is perfect for anyone who wants to experience peace and tranquility. It’s located just next to the Mysore Zoo. Despite admiring the beautiful views around, you can also take a boat ride or just have a walk around, unwind and relax in the invigorating beauty of the lake.Make the most of your trip to Mysore.


Chamundi Hills, Adjacent to the Mysore Zoo, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

Per Adult entry:  INR 10.

Per kid entry: INR 5.

9. Shop beautiful silk Sarees at Mysore

If one thing you must take as a gift back home for your relatives, other than sweets and sandalwood, then it’s got to be beautiful, finest Mysore silk sarees.  At a very reasonable price, you can buy elegant sarees from Mysore. It’s well known in the world to buy elegant silk sarees. The gift of sarees given to your family and friends will always be valued for its high quality and elegance.

Want to add it to your trip? Find it here

Mananthody Road, Ashokapuram, Mysore, Karnataka.

10. The Railway Museum is a must to tour

Railway museum is a must to visit with your family. It’s a treat for those individuals who are into historical and vintage stuff. From vintage locomotives displayed outside, the historical railway pictures, and especially a toy train ride is too much fun. Everything here is worth seeing and exploring.

Find it where?

KRS Road, Medar Block, Yadavagiri, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For adults: INR 15……..For kids:  INR 10.

Charges For toy train ride: INR 10.


9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

11. Relish the exotic local delicacies

Mysore is especially famous for its customary sweet, its authentic cookeries like Idli, Dosa, Sambha, and Vangi Baath. Every food item is a must to try and an absolute treat for everyone’s taste buds. Savoring Mysore cuisine on a trip is one of the most wonderful experiences you can write home about. you already have all these places on your itinerary,

but still looking to make your trip memorable and alluring.

try adding the following places to your trip’s “places to visit” list. and make it a long vacation or end it in 3 days.

Upto you!!

12. 3D Selfie Gallery, a place to capture memories.

The gallery is a famous attraction of the city of Mysore and a center of attraction for tourists. You can capture as many selfies as you want to pose if you are a great art fan. It’s a great fun place and a refreshing change from other crowded places. It’s located in the Mysore sand sculpture Museum.

Package 3D Selfies?

Go to KC Layout, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For adults: INR 40 for adults and

For kids: INR 20.


8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

13. Explore the Jaganmohan Palace

It’s an excellent example of old interior and architecture, and the center of attraction for tourists.

It’s a treat for those who are fond of visiting historical places. This palace adds grandeur to the city and most crowded in summers.

The interesting thing is, almost everything is neatly displayed, from the work of art to the furniture by the royal family to fascinate the tourists and to draw their attention.

Where is it located?

Opposite City Bus Stand, Deshika Road, JaganMohan Palace Road,  Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For adults: INR 20 …….For kids: INR 10


10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

14. A visit to Folklore Museum is a must

The museum is one of the best when it comes to folk art.

The museum has the collection of art and crafts from all over Karnataka.

Why is the great museum referred to as a gem?

First, the museum displays unique handicrafts. The mind-boggling collection of traditional artifacts will just blow anyone’s mind.

The museum is known for its unique settings. The Folklore Museum is structured in a striking stately mansion, which itself exhibits attraction from a historical and architectural point of view.

There are primarily items once used by the rural folks, traditional artists and even the tribes. You will find a large collection of old-fashioned farming equipment and tools, mostly made of wood and metal.

There is a large collection of kitchen utensils, personal weapon, fitness equipment and tools of the locals who lived in the area.

There is a whole section dedicated for traditional rattan baskets or any equipment used by the farmers or snack charmers of old days.

Where is it located?

Manasa Gangothiri, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For adults: INR 15 ……..For kids: INR 5

15. Explore the GRS Fantasy Park

It’s undoubtedly one of the most famous amusement parks in the city.

This is a perfect family outing place to have fun with your family.

The amusement park has a water park with slide, play area for kids, exciting fun rides and amongst the most favorite rides is a carousel.

It has all the perfect ingredients to make it a perfect outing spot for you and your family.

But if you add this one to your “Mysore Trip” , be ready to shell out some more money.

Where is it located?    

Off KRS Road, Metagalli, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For adults: INR 700

For senior citizens: INR 450

For kids:  INR 600 for kids

Mysore is known for its Ayurveda and Yoga

Mysore is famous throughout the world for its effective herbal medicine and magical healing power.

Mysore’s Ashtanga yoga school is especially popular all over the world. Mysore is a center of learning yoga and people from farfetched places come for the training of the art.

Those who can’t learn yoga can still join a yoga class can still avail a relaxing massage and plenty of beauty treatments from different institutes and hotels which tourist on short visits can make most of.

How to get to Mysore from Bangalore?

The way to Mysore is through the bus journey from Bangalore which takes around 3 hours from a bus or either train. There is also a ‘fly bus’ that operates from Bangalore airport to Mysore.

That’s all, we will be back with updates. Do keep these places in your Mysore itinerary. Help us to make things better. Do comment below and share if you liked the content.


The 5 best destinations in Italy to feel the autumn!​

Who doesn’t want to go to Italy at least once in a lifetime.

I definitely do!

Travelers who book itinerary packages often lose spectacular sightseeing options.

This list of best destinations in Italy especially in autumn is for you to make sure that you don’t miss them from your list.

1. La Verna Monastery – Casentinesi Forest National Park

La Verna Monastery – Casentinesi Forest National Park

Autumn is a wonderful season, perfect to discover the fall foliage in a sunny Country like Italy is.

La Verna Monastery is one of the Holy buildings you can discover in central Italy.

Although it is an amazing place to visit in all season, autumn is the best period of the year to discover this hidden gem of the Casentino Mountains. The Penna rocky hill is covered by an incredible ancient beech and chestnut tree forest. Yellow is the brighter colour you can see during the fall foliage time.

Saint Francis used to pray into this fascinating forest. You can discover on foot the favourite places of the Saint, breathing super fresh air.

2. Langhe, Alba – Piemonte

Langhe, Alba – Piemonte

Langhe in Piemonte region, UNESCO world heritage site, is one of the best Italian place for seasonal products. The city of Alba is the first world market for truffles. There are few places around the world where you can eat so well like in Alba during autumn. The second half of October is the perfect time to visit the area. Vineyards are totally coloured and you can enjoy incredible views from the hill top villages.

Do not miss ancient castles like Grinzane Cavour, Serralunga d’Alba, La Morra, Monforte d’Alba and Barolo, of course, the true heart of this wine production area.

This wonderful blending of culture, great food and top wines make Langhe the perfect destination to fully experiment the Italian style of life.

3. Alpe Devero – Piemonte: third best destination in Italy

Alpe Devero – Piemonte

Just few hours from Milan, you can reach this magical and peaceful place in Piedmont region.

Alpe Devero is a paradise for photography lovers, especially during autumn, when larch forests become yellow. There are incredible little lakes between the mountains, reflecting the majestic peaks on the surrounds. The ideal destination for photographic excursions or, simply, to enjoy the fresh breeze of the high Italian valleys. Little stone-made villages complete the picture: there are no streets for cars between the houses, just green grass and cobbled paths. You can also look cows on pastures lands: this is a place where is possible to find great cheese.

4. Lucca – Tuscany

Lucca – Tuscany

Just one hour from Florence, Lucca is one of the most beautiful city in Tuscany. Weather is usually sunny and warm due to the proximity to the sea. During autumn, the old town changes completely if compared to other season. Its intact walls surround the city and you can walk on top, having a look to the life flowing below: it is like a tree-lined circular avenue, embracing all the heart of the city, with its bell towers, churches and squares.

You can reach every spot on foot or by bike, which may be the perfect way to discover also some places outside the city walls, like the incredible Nottolini aqueduct and the Serchio river valley.

5. Salento – Puglia

Salento – Puglia

Salento is located in the southern area of Puglia region.

Autumn is the perfect season to discover it, after the hot and crowded summer. The weather is always warm and sunny in this part of the peninsula, so much so that most of the vegetables in Italy come from here.

The region is famous for tomatoes and olives production. In fact, you can find tasty fresh products and incredible dishes here.

Even if water it could be a little bit cold in this season to have a swim, you can visit ancient white stone villages and taste new wine and olive oil. You can also have long relaxing walks on the white beaches without the crowd of summer tourists.

These are a few i know, but we are loking for more off-beat destination all around the world.

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Spiti Valley Itinerary Planning

Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley can be best described as, “The World within a World” -Rudyard Kipling

Welcome to Spiti Valley– “The Untouched – HIMALAYA”

Have you ever dreamt of escaping from the mundane life?

Are you daring enough to walk on the less traveled road and leave your footprint behind?

Have you ever felt the temptation to take yourself away from the daily grind of life, to a land of adventure; where there’s no one, but you and your lover surrounded by beautiful nature?

If yes, then breathtakingly beautiful Spiti valley is the place to be.

 So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags, leave everything behind, and just run away, ready to explore a new world.

But, hey, wait!

Before you do that, read our full guide on taking a tour to Spit Valley, till the end.

The guide is very useful for those visiting the place for the first time. The guide will cover,

• How to reach Spiti valley – by air, by train or by road.

• Which is the most budget friendly way to Spiti valley?

• What to carry in your backpack.

• How to prevent High Altitude Sickness/ Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

• Which hotels to stay, and restaurants to eat at different bus junctions.

• How’s life in Spiti Valley.

• Places to visit in Spiti Valley

Langza Village
Langza Village

This first village you will explore on the way to the valley on the road leading towards Komic is Langza village.

  • Its mesmerizing views would urge you to take a brief stay here and make fine memories by taking pictures to show it to your friends and relatives back to your hometown.
  • In other words, you will start getting a glimpse of Spiti Valley from here. The higher you will go on these mountains you will find surface getting flat like a Plateau.
  • There will be new scenery/ View after every turn on this road. Spiti valley landscape is different that Ladakh and similar to Tibet landscape.
The Highest Village in the World Connected with Motorable Road

The second village you will reach on your way to the valley is Komic situated at an altitude of 4587 meters.

Some interesting facts about Komic

  • There are only 114 people living in the whole village, isn’t it a little bit weird? In an over populated country like India exist a village with only 114 people.
  • You will find a small monastery in Komic village too.
  • Homestays are available in at only 500-600 INR. Cool, isn’t it?

Note: The road is full of stone, so you should try driving your vehicle carefully, you might puncture your tyre in case you drive fast.

Precautionary Measures to take so that don’t get lost on your way from Langza to Komic to  Hikkim

Since the roads are confusing and there not much of signboards you need to take the following precautionary steps.

  • When you are leading from Langza  to Komic, keep asking workers and commuters you find on the way about directions.
  • Remember for your convenience, you will reach at one point where one road will be going up, and that road is for Komic, and the one which is going down is for Hikkim. 
  • Keep your pace slow so that you don’t get confused and follow the route easily.
  • There won’t be GPS to guide you, however you can carry a road map with you.
World’s highest Post Office
World’s highest Post Office

Some Interesting facts about Hikkim

  • World’s highest Post office is situated in Hikkim.
  • The pin code of this post office and Hikkim is 172114.
  • It is situated at an Altitude of 4440 meters.
  • Getting and sending mails/post to this post office takes weeks long time because of its remoteness
  • It is basically situated in some local villager’s own house.

Did you notice…?

When I started this journey from Kaza, I aimed to complete a circuit by visiting –  kaza  Langza Komic Hikkim Kaza..and I completed it successfully…Hoooray!!

Key/Ki Monastery { Key/ Ki Gompa}
KeyKi Monastery

After completing the Kaza Hikkim Kaza circuit, you will be back on Kaza road and from here you can take the road which will be heading towards Kibber and Tashigang (the land of Ibex) and key monastery will fall before Kibber on the way. Kibber is 20 km from Kaza.

  • If you want to see the beauty of key/ ki Monastery and its serendipity must try to visit it during end of winter Season(i.e January).
  • key/ ki Monastery is one of the five important Buddhist Monasteries situated in Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh.
  • It has been constructed in such a way that Spiti river and few nearby villages can be seen from its location.
  • Key/ki Monastery looks like a fortress.
  • The monastery also has a school attached to it where young monks of different ages study.
  • It houses around 250 monks during the winter and a greater number during summer.
Tashigang- The Land of Ibex
Tashigang-The Land of Ibex

In general people use to go to Kibber from Kaza and very fewer people visit Tashigang.

  • This is village from where you can easily see the mountain full of snow.
  • There are only 6 houses in this village. But You can find homestays in this village. They charge 600 INR/person for a day. T
  • The oxygen level is very low in this village and you may feel like mountain sickness. You may find Ibex, which are very rare in this area and unique animal too of this valley.

Note: You may resort to NGO; Spiti Ecosphere for some volunteer work, for instance, if you are interested in Teaching English to Monks and Nuns or Building Solar cooker or working at a cafe. They also run a program ‘Monk For A Month’. Please visit for more info.  

Best Time to Visit Spiti Valley

Best Time to Visit Spiti Valley

May to October mid is considered the best time to visit Spiti Valley.

January, too, if you love winters and would like to explore the valley in winters.

This was Spiti Valley tour from my eyes, but there is a lot more to see, one can’t explore it in just a week or 10 days and you can’t stop yourself coming again and again to revive the life of this valley. So, Hoping to listen to your story of Spiti valley.


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