Beaches in Sicily Are Irresistible; Find the Best 15 [Location Wise]

If you want to take your holiday in Sicily to a whole new level, you just have to discover its beautiful beaches.

None of them look the same, so each one has the capability to woo you.

Keep reading this post if you want to discover the 15 best beaches in Sicily!

Did you think that Sicily’s best attractions would only be found in the most popular cities?

Did you imagine Sicily’s best features would be limited to archaeological sites, museums and city landmarks?

I’m happy to say that if you did, you’re wrong.

The article is organized by location, ensuring you can find a great beach no matter where you are on the islands of Sicily.

I promise, you won’t regret it!

Let’s begin

Best Beaches in Palermo, Sicily

Beaches are one of the tourist attractions in Palermo, here’s a few:

1. Spiaggia Dell’ Arenella

This beach mixes the best of both worlds. Framed by a majestic rocky background, this beach offers a strikingly blue sea that’s calm enough to swim in.

Spiaggia Dell' Arenella Beach Palermo

Spiaggia Dell’ Arenella is definitely one of the best beaches in Sicily to visit in October or November because the summer crowds have gone, allowing for a calmer, more private experience.

There are several restaurants and bars around this small beach where you can enjoy delicious Sicilian cuisine while admiring the sunset by the beach.

2. Capo Gallo Reserve

Want to see something more rustic?

The Capo Gallo Reserve is one of the best beaches in Sicily to enjoy the more rocky and mountainous side of the Mediterranean Sea. Here, it is not sandy landscapes that make this beach unique.

Beach Capo Gallo Reserve Palermo

Since Capo Gallo is a natural reserve, this area is mostly known for its rich natural environment where you’ll be able to see wild orchids and even some pine trees.

It also has amazing marine life for those who enjoy snorkelling or scuba diving.

3. Mondello Beach

Mondello Beach is one of the most popular and best beaches in Sicily. In fact, it is considered one of Italy’s best beaches as a whole.

You can get there very easily in under 30 minutes by either a bus ride or by car.

Mondello beach Sicily

Mondello Beach has the most incredible, soft white sand and turquoise waters. Along the beach you’ll

Find countless beach hotels and restaurants, all serving their best Italian seafood dishes.

Don’t think twice about visiting this beach, it is definitely worth the trip!

Best Beaches in Catania, Sicily

Catania is wonderful and so is the beaches.

4. Playa

Extending 18 km from Catania, Playa is one of Sicily’s best beaches.

During the day, there are many things to do: you can play volleyball, surf, and cycle along the bike paths whilst marvelling at the beautiful landscape; with mount Etna in the background.

Playa Catania Best Beaches

By night, there are countless nightclubs creating a  great  party atmospheres. In fact, famous DJs and performers often make appearances here…what is better than that?

There are also several late-night restaurants where you can experience some of Sicily’s fine dining by the sea.

5. Aci Trezza

Want to visit a beach with an iconic natural attraction?

Aci Trezza is one of the top 5 best beaches in Sicily.

Aci Trezza Beach Catania

Located along the Cyclops’ Riviera, this beach is known for its legendary and mysterious large rocks planted in the middle of the ocean; giving the beach a unique touch. Many guided tours are available if you want to hear more about their history.

Its underwater life and natural environment is largely protected by the government, making it a great place to do some snorkelling or exploring along the coastline.

6. Spiaggia Praiola

If you are looking for one of best beaches in Sicily with a little bit of a twist, Spiaggia Praiola is a great option.

Spiaggia Praiola Catania Beach

Instead of having sandy shores, the whole coast is covered in pebbles due to its volcanic origins; making it a very different, yet scenic beach to visit.

Don’t forget to visit the caves of Terrasini while you’re there! This is also a must-see picturesque beach that you cannot miss.

Best Beaches in Syracuse, Sicily

Syracuse is another famous city in Sicily, and has plenty of famous beaches.

7. Calamosche Beach

Have you ever seen a naturally perfect beach?

You probably have.

But never quite like this.

Calamosche Beach in Syracuse Sicily

This beach is very special due to its rare square shape that may look great as a backdrop in pictures.

This beach is a great option for snorkelling as it is filled with caves, and reefs with vibrant and colorful marine life.

It’s quite an underrated and unknown beach, so if you’re looking for a little more privacy and tranquility, Calamosche beach could be one of the best beaches in Sicily for you..

8. Punta Asparano Beach

Looking for a romantic beach adventure?

This is how it looks like:

Punta Asparano Beach Catania Sicily

Visitors claim that this beach has the best water they’ve ever seen, with many caves and rocky wonders to dive around. There is also a great diversity of marine life waiting for you to discover.

Enjoy snacks or dinner at the kiosk, or at other restaurants near the beach.

9. San Lorenzo Beach

I know the worries that can arise from travelling with children to a beach.

However, if you happen to visit San Lorenzo beach, all your concerns and worries are easily wiped away.

San Lorenzo Beach Sicily

The sea here is turquoise and perfectly calm. It is shallow enough for several meters from the shore meaning you can swim and play with the kids without worrying so much..

Don’t hesitate to visit this beach! You will make great memories here.

Best Beaches in Trapani, Sicily

Trapani is another beautiful city on the west side of Sicily including mesmerizing beaches.

To name a few:

10. San Vito Lo Capo Beach

Located at the tip of the Trapani Province, San Vito Lo Capo is one of the best beaches in Sicily.

The sandy beaches aren’t all that’s on offer here: you’ll also find restaurants with delicious options for amazing Italian seafood. Just what you need to relax after a long days of sightseeing.

San Vito Lo Capo Sicily

There are various affordable beach clubs spend your days at; as well as beach chairs and umbrellas available for use. 

San Vito Lo Capo is definitely among Sicily’s top beaches; you can’t miss it!

11. Bonagia Beach

Yes, paradise does exist on Earth.

A good example for this is the Bonagia beach.

Bonagia Beach Trapani Sicily

Its turquoise waters are like no other, and you’ll be able to see the perfect combination of rocky scenery, yet soft, sandy grounds.

This place is particularly known for its tuna, so expect wonderful seafood dishes in any of their incredible Italian restaurants.

Other interesting things to do near the beach are visiting the old Castello di Venere; an untouched medieval castle.

12. Campobello di Mazara

Campobello di Mazara is a small town in the province of Trapani, and some of the best beaches in Sicily can be found along its coast.

Campobello di Mazara Trapani

The beaches here are great for children. The sand is easy to walk on and play in, and the sea is very still.

Wondering about things to do at this beach?

Its reefs and caves are full of interesting marine life; perfect for diving and snorkelling. It’s also located near a historical site, La Santissima Trinita di Delia; a great place to visit for a little cultural adventure. 

Best Beaches in Messina, Sicily

Messina, another tourist attraction in Sicily, is also famous for its beaches apart from other must sees.

Here are a few:

13. Ali Terme

If you are looking for a peaceful trip to the beach without many tourists, Ali Terme is one of the best beaches in Sicily for you..

Ali Terme Beach Messina Sicily

This is the best beach for relaxation in Sicily, thanks to its famous natural spa water. In fact, there are two famous spa hotels with mineral pools for you to enjoy a selection of treatments and pampering..

The small town around the beach is also beautiful and picturesque; a great way to spend the evening  after getting some sun rays at the beach.

14. Capo d’Orlando

Surrounded by the most beautiful natural setting, Capo d’Orlando has become a favourite beach among both the locals and tourists in Sicily.

Capo d’Orlando Messina Italy

In the middle of the sea; a view that you won’t find anywhere else.

The town has many incredible restaurants where you’ll not only eat wonderful food, but taste great Sicilian wine as well.

15. Isola Bella

Want to have an extraordinary beach adventure?

Visiting Isola Bella (‘Beautiful Island’) is no doubt one of the best things to do.

Isola Bella Messina Italy

Otherwise known as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea, this small island is connected to the mainland. At low tide you can walk to the island.

On the island itself, there is a world of vegetation and marine life for you to discover.


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