10 Things Copenhagen is famous for: Plan your next trip to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the cultural and tourist hub of Europe and Scandinavia. It boosts the status of one of the oldest metropolitan city in the world. With clean boulevards and unique atmosphere, it is a world-class place to spend your vacations.

things Copenhagen

Known to the world as the City of Spires, Copenhagen is famous for many things. It has infinite numbers of attractions, places to see, and things to do. For this reason, Copenhagen is always swarmed with thousands of tourists who want to spend their time surrounded by its beauty and tranquility. In this article, we will discuss things about Copenhagen that singles it out among other holiday destinations and is generally famous for it.

How to reach there?

Before we tell our esteemed readers about the unique sights and things to do in Copenhagen that makes it famous, we will like to guide how to get there. You can avail different packages offered by renowned travel agencies that include a traveling itinerary, flight tickets, accommodation and other details. You can also find cheapest flights to Copenhagen by booking on a travel agent’s website, with the help of different promotions or coupons.

#1 Happiest people live there

Copenhagen is home to the happiest people on our planet. This isn’t just a shot in the air, but a well-established fact as a survey was conducted online and it gave these results. You can also experience the nature of these beautiful people by simply having a conversation with them. When there is so much happiness, it automatically cures you of any stress or depression. So for this reason, Copenhagen is a must visit for everyone.

#2 The real fountain of youth

Well, we are sorry to break it to you about the real Fountain of Youth in Copenhagen, but we had to get your attention. That we meant metaphorically is that people of Copenhagen are the most friendly and forever young people at heart. They love to talk to others, help them, socialize, and conduct activities that keeps them fresh, active and lively.

For example, Copenhagen host marathons on annual basis.

#3 Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales were born in the city of Copenhagen. Several of the renowned Fairy Tales novels were written in this city. Even the author of these novels lived her. Christian Andersen was a Danish citizen and his work include novels such as Frozen, Thumbelina, The Red Shoes, The Little Mermaid and much more.

#4 Boulevard of shopper’s dream

Stroget is the longest road for pedestrian shopping in Europe. It is almost a mile long and there are no passing cars to worry about. You can shop at local retailer’s shops, check out brands, or enjoy lunch or dinner there. Stroget is also famous for its fountains, so feel free to dip yourself if summer heat bothers you.

#5 Tivoli Garden

Tivoli is the first amusement park of the work. This place is also known for being the inspiration behind the Disneyland and other Walt Disney movies. With so much association related to this place, it is imperative to visit it.

#6 Freetown in a city

Will you believe us if we tell you that there is a self-administered Freetown, called Christiania in the middle of Copenhagen? Well, there is one and it is a fact.  This Freetown of Christiania was created by a group of hippies and is absolutely free from all kinds of taxes. So feel free to visit it and try the exquisite restaurants and other amazing sights in this place.

#7 Danish Flag

The national flag of Denmark is the oldest national flag of any country on our planet. Conferring to a folklore, this flag was adopted as the national flag of Denmark in 1219AD.

#8 Unique Architect

Denmark is famous for its architects and designers in the whole world. The architect behind the design of Sydney Opera House was a Dane. For this reason, people visiting this city have high expectations of seeing amazing buildings with state of the art features. And they are not disappointed in their expectations.

#9 Noma

Noma is a restaurant in Copenhagen, which is known in the whole world for its amazing food and service. In fact, Noma is considered by many to be the best restaurant in the whole world. Imagine dining in the world’s best restaurant and later showing it off to your friends and family.

#10 Vikings culture

Danes are known as the Vikings of Scandinavia. Vikings were the people who ruled the seas and land of the northern part of the world. They actually discovered the continent of North America even before Christopher Columbus was born.


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