Grammarly Free Vs Premium [Why You Should Choose Either]

For whenever you need to complete a writing assignment; whether it may be homework at school or an important work email, Grammarly always has your back.

With Grammarly, any text you write will be taken care of; corrected, made mistake-free. And efficient to ensure you remain as professional as possible.

This post will compare Grammarly Free Vs Premium to make the decision easy for you.

Grammarly offers two options; a free version, and a Premium plan.

Unsure about what the best option is for you?

First, let’s see what they offer at basic level.

What is Free Grammarly?

The free Grammarly version basically makes sure to correct any critical grammar and spelling mistakes in whatever text you have written.

Having a free Grammarly is most convenient for students going through their high school years or who do not require professional writing skills.

In fact, using this version of Grammarly among students is actually much recommended for students looking to improve their writing skills as a whole since it will ensure that any fundamental mistakes are instantly corrected and learned from.

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What is Premium Grammarly?

The free version of Grammarly is excellent, indeed, but Premium Grammarly is where it starts to get interesting. The benefits that this subscription option offers are in fact no comparison to the free version.

This post will guide you through it.

Grammarly Free vs Premium

Free Grammarly Premium Grammarly
In short, the free Grammarly option is there for you correct any crucial spelling and grammar mistakes in any text that you write.

This option is best for students who are still in high school, or for anyone who does not require a professional level of writing.

With this account, you can expect your sentences in whichever papers and emails you write to be grammatically correct, making you not only look but actually be a fantastic writer.


Although the free Grammarly subscription is excellent in itself, obtaining the Premium Grammarly version is quite revolutionary.

For $12 a month, you can expect an impressive number of additional features that will take any written product to the next level; improving your performance to different levels you never thought you could reach.

Besides the grammatical and spelling suggestions that the free Grammarly account offers, here is what you get from the Premium plan:

In fact, because this version of Grammarly is so good at targeting basic mistakes in texts, this type of account is indeed quite a recommendable for students wanting to improve their writing skills as a whole.

Advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure.

The premium plan goes an extra mile, to give your work a lot more ‘flow’ and enhance its readability. It goes beyond wanting to reach ‘good’ writing products and aims to make your piece outstanding.

It pays special attention to using the correct verb tenses

It is wary about words that may mean different things in different English-speaking countries

It strongly considers an essence of formality so that your pieces of writing are always professional-sounding

It makes sure that you are concise and specific in your writing to avoid mouthfuls of unnecessary words and maintain a fluid tone throughout.  

Clarity is prioritized by staying mindful of active and passive voice writing styles.

Vocabulary Enhancement Suggestions

To best communicate what you are trying to say in your writings, the Premium Grammarly makes sure to suggest the best fitting word for the context in which you are talking about.

The aim of this is to enhance your sentence and writing structure as best as possible and improve the keenness of your writing.

Using the right words also sends a sign of being knowledgeable of what you are talking about to the reader; a valuable asset if you are looking to impress.

Genre-specific Writing Style Checks

Depending on whether you are writing a short causal email, an academic essay, a business letter or a creative piece, Premium Grammarly adjusts its suggestions to best fit the context, style, and tone of the article.

Before you start writing, you will be able to select the genre or domain you want Grammarly to keep in mind for when it comes up with suggestions.

Plagiarism Detector

To avoid any chance of plagiarism, Grammarly’s plagiarism detector checks in more than 16 billion websites.

This is crucial when turning in an academic paper.

Here’s a more concise comparison of features.

Grammarly Premium Grammarly premium features

So there you have it. A complete outline of the differences between getting free and Premium Grammarly accounts.

Buy Grammarly Premium Plan here at just $11.99

buy premium grammarly

Depending on what your needs are or what you are looking for, Grammarly will always ensure that your writing products are near flawless.


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