5 Best Italian Restaurants in Palermo to Revive Your Taste Buds

It is no secret that Palermo is one of the best cities in Italy to visit. Its Mediterranean and Sicilian influences make it an even more unique and interesting city to discover.

With food being one of the best aspects about the whole of Italy, this guide will tell you the  best Italian restaurants in Palermo you have to try while exploring this beautiful city.

1) Al Fondaco del Conte

Found inside an historical building in the Albergheria, Italian restaurant Al Fondaco de Conte is the best place to eat to experience fine dining in Palermo in an authentic and intimate environment.

Its minimalist décor is elegant, yet welcoming. Here, you can taste the most traditional food of Palermo made with fresh ingredients often coming from the Ballaro street market itself. Indulge in an incredible variety of delicious pasta dishes while admiring Count Frederick’s palace which stands just opposite the restaurant.

2) Trattoria Familiare da Michele & Jolanda

Wondering where locals eat in Palermo? The perfect combination of Italian food and Italian hospitality have the answer.

While you eat the amazing Italian food at the Trattoria Familiare da Michele & Jolanda, you will be able to see the restaurant’s history and enjoy the story of how it’s become a favourite and classed as one of the greatest Italian restaurants in Palermo.

Not only do they offer the best of Sicilian dining, but you will experience what it feels like to eat at one of Palermo’s best restaurants.

3) Bellotero Ristorante

At Bellotero Ristorante, you will be delighted to try their Sicilian dishes in an authentic Palermo Italian restaurant atmosphere with a luxurious twist.

Their food is based from basic Italian products but have been transformed into works of art by incorporating elements of art and creativity; making it one of the best places try fine dining in Palermo.

You can be sure that this Italian restaurant in Palermo will exceed your expectations, and add an incredible memory to your trip in Palermo. Don’t forget to order a glass of Sicilian wine!

4) Ottava Nota

Ottava Nota is an Italian restaurant in Palermo of impeccable quality that mixes tradition with innovation.

Traditional Italian recipes are always the base of their amazing dishes, but they also take pride in incorporating new flavors and techniques to amplify their power to leave an impression.

Their menu is constantly being adjusted and adapted to new ideas, making every visit a whole new Italian gourmet adventure. It is located in the area of Kalsa, known for its history and vibrant life on the streets.

5) Ferro di Cavallo

Looking to experience the best of Sicilian cuisine? This Italian restaurant in Palermo is perhaps the best option for you.

Up and running since 1944, Ferro di Cavallo has worked hard to represent Sicilian and Italian culture through their incredible menu that is made up of the most famous and antique Italian recipes.

Like any other Italian-family run business, the interior of this restaurant is filled with images from its past, telling a story about food and love.

Trying any dish from this Italian restaurant will make you understand the passion for food and experience some of the best dining in Palermo for yourself. 

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