5 Best Late Night Restaurants in Palermo,Italy [Editor’s Choice]

Looking for a place to eat in Palermo late at night?

If you are like me,…..you too like eating out at late hours.

And so to quench that craving in palermo, …read this post.

Not only are these restaurants open for a lot longer than regular restaurants, but they will give you the ultimate experience of Palermo’s nightlife.

Here’s my fav list of late-night restaurants in Palermo; feel free to choose any..

Let’s begin:

1. La Galleria

la galleria best late-night restaurant in Palermo Source

La Galleria is the best late night restaurant in Palermo hidden in a dark and mysterious alleyway; a perfect way to prepare for a night stroll through the streets of Palermo.

It is affordable, has an incredible menu consisting of true Sicilian recipes, loved by the locals, and a romantic atmosphere.

Enjoy this best seafood restaurant under the stars, all while admiring the Palermo Cathedral which stands just a few meters away.

2. Ristorante Carizzi d’Amuri

Ristorante Carizzi d’Amuri late night restaurant palermoSource

Craving a bit of Sicilian cuisine under the stars?

This late night restaurant in Palermo is a great choice…and a quite different one as well.


Because this restaurant is actually located in one of Palermo’s trendiest streets, so you can expect a plate of delicious contemporary food.

Let yourself be surprised by how they ways they present your food; making eating here an incredibly memorable place to eat in Palermo.

If you’re looking to see how Italian art makes it all the way to your plate, you’re in for a treat.

3.Villa San Giovanni degli Eremiti

 Villa San Giovnni degli Eremiti restaurant in palermoSource

Did you know this is place is pretty much incrusted in Palermo’s history?

Villa San Giovanni degli Eremiti is one of the most authentic and loved fine dining meal in Palermo.

Open until midnight, this is the perfect place to eat right after you’ve visited the Eremiti building itself, or you’re in the neighbourhood after seeing the Cathedral nearby.

They have an incredible selection of house wines to make your experience a lot more local and exclusive.

If you want a local’s tip, make sure to book a table on the terrace! that way you can admire the streets of Palermo at night.

4. Passami ù coppu

Passami ù coppu restaurant palermoSource

An Italian restaurant in Palermo is always a good idea.

But what about grabbing a midnight Sicilian street food snack?

Trust that there is no better place to get them from than Passami u Coppu.

No matter if you’re craving something sweet or salty, this late night food restaurant has everything you will need; from scoops of Italian gelato to delicacies like arancini and paninis.

Yes, I know that thinking about spending on food in Palermo consistently can become quite a tedious task, but since everything is so cheap here, you’ll be able to buy almost everything on the menu!

This is the perfect place to pick up dessert after a fancy dinner at another late night restaurant, or simply to buy multiple Sicilian street food from at the late midnight hours.

5. ll Culinario

Culinario restaurant palermo

Looking for a casual late night restaurant in Palermo?

This cozy, family owned restaurant is a great idea.

Yes, yes…of course it has an décor and ambience…but the food at ll Culinario offers some of the best of Sicilian cuisine. May it be a traditional Italian pizza or a fancy combination of seafood and pasta, ll Culinario has your back for sure.

Even if you have children, the friendly staff has activities to entertain them while you enjoy some of the best food in town.

You don’t even have to dress up! All you need to do is show up, and let this fine dining and pizza restaurant in Palermo take you away into a delicious culinary journey.

This was my list, feel free to comment your favorite!!!

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