5 Best Late Night Restaurants in Palermo,Italy [Editor’s Choice]

Sometimes, sightseeing in a wonderful city like Palermo can make us lose track of time to the point where we find ourselves hungry late at night. Luckily, Palermo has late night restaurants that open their doors for night owls. This guide will tell you the best late-night restaurants in Palermo; where night time is really where the adventure begins.

1) La Galleria

La Galleria is the best late-night restaurant in Palermo hidden in a dark and mysterious alleyway; a perfect way to prepare for a night stroll through the streets of Palermo.

It is affordable, has an incredible menu consisting of true Sicilian recipes, loved by the locals, and a romantic atmosphere.

Enjoy the best seafood in Palermo under the stars, all while admiring the Palermo Cathedral which stands just a few meters away.

2) Gelateria La Kala

For many, dining at a late night restaurant in Palermo is a great idea. But why must it end with dinner? Why not spoil yourself with traditional Italian gelato? Italian gelato is a world-wide sensation, and you can definitely try the best scoop in Palermo at Gelateria La Kala.

This late night ice cream parlor has an unimaginable amount interesting and unique of flavor variations that you can choose from. The fruits used to create these ice creams are fresh, and from Sicily.

Coming here after a having a meal at a fine dining restaurant in Palermo is the sweetest and the most fun way to end the evening.

3) Panificio Graziano

Looking for a midnight pizza treat? The family-owned Panifico Graziano is a great late night restaurant in Palermo to find it in. In reality, this small restaurant is a well-kept secret of the Sicilian locals, so you can be sure that you’ll find the best pizza here.

They sell it in gigantic slices, and also provide a great assortment of pastas that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. This is also one of the best places to eat in terms of price as it is very affordable, something that we can all appreciate.

4) Bye Bye Blues

If you want to indulge in a fine dining meal in Palermo that’s a little more in the stylish and expensive side, Italian restaurant Bye Bye Blues has an excellent reputation.

Being a Michelin star restaurant, you know you won’t be disappointed. It is the best late night restaurant in Palermo of the utmost luxury, where everything from the design to the last drop of wine has been calculated to please and impress their customers.

To get the ultimate gourmet Italian culinary experience and taste the best of Sicilian dining in an exclusive and sophisticated setting, book a late night dinner at the Bye Bye Blues.

Their tasting menu is an amazing way to taste all the best Italian delicacies in one go.

5) Cana Enoteca

An Italian restaurant in Palermo is always a good idea. But thinking about what to eat in Palermo consistently can become quite a tedious task. Because of this, trying out some of the best Sicilian wine is also a must.

Cana Enoteca offers the best of Sicilian dining in Palermo with a late night menu that you can enjoy with a glass (or a couple) of wine from their great collection. The staff will be happy to recommend a wine to complement any dish you try flawlessly.

In order to get the most out of it, it is recommended to order many appetizers and snacks take your time in tasting all their ingredients.

Evidently, their menu is influenced by Mediterranean and Italian delicacies made from the freshest and most organic products. The décor and style of the restaurant is warm and intimate – great for late night talks, and perfect for those looking for romance.

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