Mysore sightseeing planning made easy: add these 15 places to your itinerary

Looking for another offbeat destination in India?

If yes, then spread your wings and fly high in the sky.

Yes, yes, I am talking about visiting Mysore.

Brace yourself for an exciting journey, and fulfill your wanderlust.

Mysore is not a hidden place for most tourists who visit for a Yoga retreat, but they do need a long term mysore sightseeing planning.

A visit to Mysore isn’t going to be an ordinary experience. It’s going to be a journey filled with exciting experiences, rich cultural heritage, from food to festivals; from visiting museums to royal palaces, everything is worth spending your holidays and money on.

So either plan a romantic date with your spouse or just spend summer holidays with your family at Mysore and make some fine memories.

Mysore will make a perfect destination for anyone who’s at a lookout for some adventure and a great time.

  The exciting city will not only keep you entertained but will also make your journey worthwhile.

  • #1 Majestic Mysore Palace
  • #2 Chanmundeshwari Temple
  • #3 Brindavan Gardens
  • #4 Lavish Palace
  • #5 Mysore Zoo
  • #6 Dussehra Celebrations
  • #7 St. Philomena’s Cathedral
  • #8 Karanji Lake
  • #9 Shop for Silk Sarees in Mysore
  • #10 The Railway Museum
  • #11 Local Delicacies
  • #12 Guess this one????
  • #13 The Jaganmohan Palace
  • #14 Folklore Museum
  • #15 The GRS Fantasy Park
  • Mysore Yoga School

Why visit Mysore? Well! to complete the journey to South India

You know what they say about Mysore, “if you haven’t been to Mysore, you just haven’t been to South India.”

Mysore is one of the most sought out adventurous places in India, located some distance away from Bangalore.

Mysore is the second most famous, flamboyant, largest city in the state of Karnataka.

Mysore is famous for its exquisite silk saris, sumptuous architecture, sandalwood and yoga amongst many other things.

Mysore is also well known for the profound history of its splendid royal heritage.

Mysore is a must to visit destinations.

So, when you plan to visit Mysore, have a look at our recommended places, and must include them in your list of must-to-visit-places.

1. Majestic Mysore Palace:
Get mesmerized

Mysore Palace 2 day visit
Photo Courtesy: @breanaonsocial on Instagram

The majestic palace would turn out to be an enticing experience for someone who is visiting the city for the very first time.

The place is ideal for an enticing, memorable holiday adventure.

Mysore is popularly known for its impressive architecture and rich cultural heritage.

Mysore is especially famous for the majestic Mysore Palace. It’s been declared, undoubtedly one of India’s, finest buildings.

There is just not one Mysore palace, there is so much more to explore in Mysore. 

Mysore is most colorful in days during Dussehra Festival, a grand display festival.

Mysore is a must to stop spot if you stop on any South Indian route.  You must spare at least 2, 3 days to visit Mysore and make the most of your journey.

Everything about this palace is worth seeing and recording to take back home.

It’s recommended to visit it with plenty of time in hand to enjoy and take in every moment of your visit.

Where is it located?

Sayyaji Rao Road, Agrahara, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For students : INR 10

For kids: INR 30.

For tourists: INR 50.

2. Mysore’s crown, Chamundeshwari Temple is a must visit when on trip to Mysore

The Temple is another historical place that’s a must to visit when visiting Mysore.

And guess what! You don’t necessarily have to be religious too to visit this place.

The construction of the temple, the perfect display of the Goddess Durga in her ferocious manner is spectacular, indeed.

Where is the Temple located?

Chamundi Hills, Mysuru, Karnataka.

Entry Fees

No entry fee.

3. Spending evenings in the Brindavan Gardens is so much fun!

Spending your evenings in Brindavan is so much fun.

During your stay in Mysore, your visit here will prove to be entertaining and relaxing.

The beautiful Brindavan Garden is the perfect place to be in especially in the evenings.

It’s a great hang out place for families or even couples, or to be with friends.

This amazing garden is the center of tourist attraction in the city.

There’s plenty to do here, taking a walk amidst the beautiful flowers and their scent will relax your mind and make you feel utterly romantic.

You may also just sit and relax after a tiring day, admire the scenery, fountain shows, or could also enjoy the boating ride.

Where is it located?

KRS Dam Road, Mysore, Karnataka

Entry fees 

For Adults: INR 15

For Kids: INR 5

4. Enjoy the luxury to stay at the lavish palace

While, there are many local hotels in Mysore that provide with a luxurious stay.

But staying at a lavish palace is best for those who are in the city for more than a day.

So, yes, pamper yourself, enjoy the moment and forget everything else in the world. No other experience in the world can beat this one. Trust me.

This royal treatment is the best way to pamper yourself like none other. The experience is going to be phenomenal, but for that, you have to come and stay

A break from the daily monotonous and hectic life and indulging in a fine luxury like this one is what you deserve, so what are you waiting for, visit and avail it.

Famous royal palaces hotels to add in your Mysore Trip Package

Fortune JP Palace, Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel, Royal Orchid Brindavan Garden Palace and Spa.

Price: INR 5,000 to INR 15,000 for two.

5. Mysore Zoo is the best spot to go wildlife

The zoo of Mysore is very famous for its bears and jaguars. If you visit Mysore and don’t visit the zoo you will surely miss the most fun part. It’s no doubt amongst the best things to do in Mysore. It’s the best pick for those wildlife enthusiasts; they can get a little taste of thrill in Mysore too to calm their wild side.

Mysore Zoo location?

 Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Main Road, Zoo Rd, Indiranagar, Mysuru, Karnataka.
Entry Fees

Adults: INR 50 ….For Kids: INR 20

6. Mysore Dussehra Celebrations

Mysore is most colorful in days during Dussehra Festival, a grand display festival.

The Mysore palace looks absolutely gorgeous with all the gleaming lights and decorations. Dussehra festival is one of its best kind and a must to attend fairs in the city. In days of Dussehra festival, the city comes alive and is considered one of the most celebrated festivals in the country.

Entry Fees

Absolutely free.

When does the festival happen?

September or October.

7. Visit the major attraction, St. Philomena’s Cathedral

St. Philomena’s Cathedral, was built in 1956, and is regarded as of the largest churches in India. The building has gothic architecture look. And it looks most stunning in the evening. It’s the best place for tourists who are looking forward to having solace or peaceful time on their trip, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Loudres Nagar, Ashoka Road, Lashkar Mohalla in Mysuru City

Entry free

Absolutely free visit.


Morning 5:00 AM to Evening 6:00 PM.

8. Experience peace and tranquility with Karanji Lake

This place is perfect for anyone who wants to experience peace and tranquility. It’s located just next to the Mysore Zoo. Despite admiring the beautiful views around, you can also take a boat ride or just have a walk around, unwind and relax in the invigorating beauty of the lake.Make the most of your trip to Mysore.


Chamundi Hills, Adjacent to the Mysore Zoo, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

Per Adult entry:  INR 10.

Per kid entry: INR 5.

9. Shop beautiful silk Sarees at Mysore

If one thing you must take as a gift back home for your relatives, other than sweets and sandalwood, then it’s got to be beautiful, finest Mysore silk sarees.  At a very reasonable price, you can buy elegant sarees from Mysore. It’s well known in the world to buy elegant silk sarees. The gift of sarees given to your family and friends will always be valued for its high quality and elegance.

Want to add it to your trip? Find it here

Mananthody Road, Ashokapuram, Mysore, Karnataka.

10. The Railway Museum is a must to tour

Railway museum is a must to visit with your family. It’s a treat for those individuals who are into historical and vintage stuff. From vintage locomotives displayed outside, the historical railway pictures, and especially a toy train ride is too much fun. Everything here is worth seeing and exploring.

Find it where?

KRS Road, Medar Block, Yadavagiri, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For adults: INR 15……..For kids:  INR 10.

Charges For toy train ride: INR 10.


9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

11. Relish the exotic local delicacies

Mysore is especially famous for its customary sweet, its authentic cookeries like Idli, Dosa, Sambha, and Vangi Baath. Every food item is a must to try and an absolute treat for everyone’s taste buds. Savoring Mysore cuisine on a trip is one of the most wonderful experiences you can write home about. you already have all these places on your itinerary,

but still looking to make your trip memorable and alluring.

try adding the following places to your trip’s “places to visit” list. and make it a long vacation or end it in 3 days.

Upto you!!

12. 3D Selfie Gallery, a place to capture memories.

The gallery is a famous attraction of the city of Mysore and a center of attraction for tourists. You can capture as many selfies as you want to pose if you are a great art fan. It’s a great fun place and a refreshing change from other crowded places. It’s located in the Mysore sand sculpture Museum.

Package 3D Selfies?

Go to KC Layout, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For adults: INR 40 for adults and

For kids: INR 20.


8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

13. Explore the Jaganmohan Palace

It’s an excellent example of old interior and architecture, and the center of attraction for tourists.

It’s a treat for those who are fond of visiting historical places. This palace adds grandeur to the city and most crowded in summers.

The interesting thing is, almost everything is neatly displayed, from the work of art to the furniture by the royal family to fascinate the tourists and to draw their attention.

Where is it located?

Opposite City Bus Stand, Deshika Road, JaganMohan Palace Road,  Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For adults: INR 20 …….For kids: INR 10


10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

14. A visit to Folklore Museum is a must

The museum is one of the best when it comes to folk art.

The museum has the collection of art and crafts from all over Karnataka.

Why is the great museum referred to as a gem?

First, the museum displays unique handicrafts. The mind-boggling collection of traditional artifacts will just blow anyone’s mind.

The museum is known for its unique settings. The Folklore Museum is structured in a striking stately mansion, which itself exhibits attraction from a historical and architectural point of view.

There are primarily items once used by the rural folks, traditional artists and even the tribes. You will find a large collection of old-fashioned farming equipment and tools, mostly made of wood and metal.

There is a large collection of kitchen utensils, personal weapon, fitness equipment and tools of the locals who lived in the area.

There is a whole section dedicated for traditional rattan baskets or any equipment used by the farmers or snack charmers of old days.

Where is it located?

Manasa Gangothiri, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For adults: INR 15 ……..For kids: INR 5

15. Explore the GRS Fantasy Park

It’s undoubtedly one of the most famous amusement parks in the city.

This is a perfect family outing place to have fun with your family.

The amusement park has a water park with slide, play area for kids, exciting fun rides and amongst the most favorite rides is a carousel.

It has all the perfect ingredients to make it a perfect outing spot for you and your family.

But if you add this one to your “Mysore Trip” , be ready to shell out some more money.

Where is it located?    

Off KRS Road, Metagalli, Mysuru, Karnataka

Entry Fees

For adults: INR 700

For senior citizens: INR 450

For kids:  INR 600 for kids

Mysore is known for its Ayurveda and Yoga

Mysore is famous throughout the world for its effective herbal medicine and magical healing power.

Mysore’s Ashtanga yoga school is especially popular all over the world. Mysore is a center of learning yoga and people from farfetched places come for the training of the art.

Those who can’t learn yoga can still join a yoga class can still avail a relaxing massage and plenty of beauty treatments from different institutes and hotels which tourist on short visits can make most of.

How to get to Mysore from Bangalore?

The way to Mysore is through the bus journey from Bangalore which takes around 3 hours from a bus or either train. There is also a ‘fly bus’ that operates from Bangalore airport to Mysore.

That’s all, we will be back with updates. Do keep these places in your Mysore itinerary. Help us to make things better. Do comment below and share if you liked the content.


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