5 Best Pizza Restaurants in Palermo to hop on a Pizza Today

Finding a pizza restaurant in Palermo is quite an easy thing to do…

But finding the best pizza outlet in the city? Now that’s a little more challenging.

But not to worry…I’m here!

Avoid eating average-tasting pizzas, and rather try out some of the restaurants listed on this post.

These restaurants are considered as some of the best pizza restaurants in Palermo due to their ability to translate Italian culture into a single authentic, delicious and unforgettable pizza.  

1) Ciccio Passami l’Olio

ciccio passami l'olio pizza restaurant in palermoSource

Ran by two siblings, Ciccio Passami l’Olio’s pizza is a great way to start your fine dining adventures in Palermo.

They seek to take their customers on a culinary journey by only using the freshest ingredients on their pizzas. One thing that makes them stand out among the rest, is that they have even created three different doughs from organic flour that add a very special and unique touch to their pizzas.

Their specialty are pizzas, but you should definitely try their fried pizzas – a twist to the traditional ways of making them. Instead of wine, they offer an impressive assortment of foreign and craft beers. They also offer a rage of traditional Italian desserts like panna cotta.

2) Frida

frida pizza restaurant in palermoSource

Out of all the pizza restaurants in Palermo, Frida is definitely a must. It appears that the chefs are incredibly involved and excited about the anatomy of the pizza.

Their creations reflect and communicate nostalgia, top quality and passion for food. As soon as you talk in, you will be able to sense the history embedded in the restaurant;

how the restaurant has worked hard to become one of Palermo’s favorites.

In fact, it is where many locals eat in Palermo. They take pizzas so seriously that they have narrowed the menu down to only three pizza options: Romana, Vulcanotti and Quadri.

These pizzas have been heavily though, so you can be sure that any you select will exceed and go beyond your expectations. The Quadri pizza is its most iconic pizza in Palermo known for its distinctive square shape with a thick crust containing a delicious surprise inside it.

3) Perciasacchi

Perciasacchi pizza restaurant in palermoSource

With their ingredients coming directly from the Sicilian mountains, Perciasacchi makes one of the best pizza restaurants to eat in Palermo.

Better yet,

if you are someone that is interested about the ethical aspects of food, you will be happy to hear that this pizza restaurant in Palermo only selects ingredients that are traceable and who have biological certifications.

Their menu only offers you the best dining in Palermo, and has great options for every taste. They also include seasonal pizzas that are only available at certain times of the year. If you are eager about getting to know a little more of Sicily’s flavors, you may want to select one of their delicious pizzas from their Sicilian range.

4) Sciuscià

Sciuscia pizza restaurant in palermo Source

Sciuscia is one of the most famous pizza restaurants in Palermo. This pizzeria is owned by a Naples local, but has worked and adapted its creations to suit the palates and tastes of Sicilians.


they also offer Neapolitan pizzas, which differ greatly to Sicilian The Sicilian style runs with much thinner crusts, and Neapolitan pizzas are a lot thicker and saucier.

It is strongly suggested to try one of each, so that you can be able to get to know both styles and appreciate their differences.  It is particularly known for its pizza crust filled with delicious tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta or any other ingredients that you may want. By coming to eat here, you will for sure experience some of the best of Sicilian dining.

5) Villa Costanza

Villa Costanza pizza restaurant in palermoSource

The majority of pizza restaurants in Palermo are quite touristic and for casual dining, simply because pizza is generally considered a casual food to eat.


There is an outstanding number of great restaurants within this setting.

On the other hand,

if you want to experience pizza in Palermo’s a luxurious and elegant environment, Villa Costanza is the place to see it at.

With an extremely high rating, Villa Costanza is one of Palermo’s most respected and admired places to eat. This restaurant only selects the most exclusive ingredients for their pizzas such as organic almonds, and Vastedda of Belice sheep. They are true believers of following nature’s course, so their pizzas change with the seasons.

This also means,

Whenever you happen to pay a visit, any pizza you choose to eat will revive each and every one of your senses; leaving you in complete awe.

That was my list, feel free to add anything to this list by commenting below!

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