5 Best Romantic Restaurants in Palermo to Go Out on a Date

If Italy is known as the nation of love, Palermo just so happens to be the capital for romance.

Not sure where to go for the ultimate romantic food experience in Palermo?

This post has the answer. In fact, it has 5 best romantic restaurants in Palermo.

These five restaurants have been selected based on their excellent Sicilian dishes, and in their abilities to create a romantic atmosphere where you build the most romantic memories in.

1. Gagini Social Restaurant

Gagini Social Restaurant PalermoSource

Set at the heart of Palermo’s historical center, the Gagini Social is a favourite.

Its rustic and candle-lit interior make the atmosphere perfect for an intimate dinner between lovers.

Its menu has been crafted by the most talented food experts and chefs that promise a marvelous experience for the customers.

Here’s a google review by a local guide:

Gagini social restaurant google review

Although their ingredients and dishes are strongly based on Sicilian and Italian cuisine, they are able to distinguish themselves from other restaurants in Palermo by incorporating a romantic and gourmet twist in their unique creations.

As a result,

Anything you eat from this romantic restaurant in Palermo will leave you beyond satisfied and craving for more.

Although it’s a very popular restaurant among visitors and tourists, it’s also where many locals eat in Palermo; so you can be sure that it is not a tourist trap whatsoever.

2) A’ Cuncuma

a cuncuma restaurant palermoSource

If you want to have a memorable experience of fine dining in Palermo, A’Cuncuma is the perfect place to eat in.

Their menu is composed of elaborate and unique dishes that will take you completely by surprise, every bite provoking feelings of delight.

Previous customers have claimed this restaurant as one of the most romantic restaurants in Palermo for its excellent taste in food, service and atmosphere; which exactly what you want to hear if you’re a couple looking to share romantic moments.

In particular, their tasting menu is a favorite among many and has been repeatedly classed as a top product of an innovative nature. It is within walking distance of Palermo’s best attractions, so it won’t be complicated to find it.

3. Casa del Brodo dal Dottore

Wondering where to eat in Palermo for an evening of romance and fine dining?

Everyone knows that there is nothing better than authentic Italian home-made food and hospitality.

Casa del Brodo dal Dottore PalermoSource

In Casa del Brodo dal Dottore, not only will you be able to relish their mouth-watering Sicilian specialties, but you will be treated as though you were a member of a warm, loving Italian family home.

For those looking for a genuinely romantic adventure embraced heavily by Italian culture, this restaurant makes the perfect place to eat.

This small, local restaurant promises the best of Sicilian dining, and provides its customers incredible and intimate moments which they’ll be able to keep in their hearts forever.

4) Obica Mozzarella Bar

Of course, while you are in Palermo, skipping a traditional Italian pizza is not an option.

What better way to bite into such Italian goodness than on a terrace overlooking the beautiful Piazza San Domenico?

Obica Mozzarella Bar PalermoSource

Found at the 4th floor of the Rinascente Palermo, the Obica Mozzarella Bar is one of the best romantic restaurants in Palermo.

It is also a great choice for mozzarella enthusiasts. Since it is quite impossible to choose only one dish from their incredible menu, it is recommended for couples to order a few of them and share.

But of course,

Feel free to order what is quite possibly the best pizza in Palermo.

A great Italian restaurant in Palermo for hopeless romantics looking to make memories together in an amazing city.

5) Ristorante Pizzeria Carlo V

Located in the center of the city’s busy center, this is one of the best romantic restaurants in Palermo.

It offers you the best of Sicilian dining an original dinner inside a rustic, traditional Italian building.

Pizzeria Carlo V PalermoSource

Their outdoor section is excellent for warm summer nights, accompanied by wonderful Italian dishes, and wine from their excellent collection.

They offer a wide selection of Italian delicacies, including vegetarian options.


you will be able to enjoy the best fine dining in Palermo, even by just deciding to eat pizza. It is minutes away from the Palermo Cathedral which you can admire on your way there.

Coming to eat here is a great idea at any time of the day, but the restaurant completely transforms into a charming place of romance and love in the evenings due to its great arrangements of lighting.

Editor’s Choice: My Fav. Romantic Restaurant in Palermo

Although all 5 are my favorite, i would to keep

  • Obica Mozzarella Bar
  • on top in my list.

    So, feel free to comment what’s your favorite romantic restaurant in Palermo, Sicily…

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