5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Palermo to explore today

Seafood is great!!…but choosing a restaurant that delivers best to satisfy your taste buds is difficult..

Not to worry!…I’ll help you choose the best Seafood Restaurants in Palermo.

This post has a list of the top 5 seafood restaurants in Palermo that you definitely need to try when you are there.

After enjoying a plate filled with deliciously prepared oysters, shrimp and scallions at one of these incredible restaurants, you will never look back.

Here’s my list:

1) Osteria dei Vespri

Osteria dei vespri restaurant palermoSource

Located in the stunning Piazza Croce dei Vespri is one of the best seafood restaurants in Palermo. Besides being a genuine Italian restaurant in Palermo, The Osteria dei Vespri welcomes its customers splendid meals in the charming ancient part of Palermo.

Their dishes are inspired by the history and traditions of Palermo, and are made by using the freshest and most local ingredients you can imagine.

Even though it is traditionally based around the best of Sicilian fine dining, the food that they serve is ambitious and tends to experiment with different techniques and blends.

Their most recommended menu is the “Sea” option, accompanied by a glass of wine from their impressive collection.

2) Ciccio in Pentola

Ciccio in Pentola palermoSource

Winning the certificate of excellence is definitely proof about this business being one of the best seafood restaurants in Palermo. Although its famous dishes are from a Sicilian nature, they have slightly adapted them into more modern versions of themselves.

They put a lot of effort in the presentation of their dishes, making the table look like a spectacle. Their friendly staff will always be happy to explain and suggest the best dishes.

One of the most popular ones is the white wine Sicilian pasta with freshly caught sardines.

After a long day of sightseeing, Ciccio in Pentola will let you have the best experience of dining in Palermo.

3) Garraffo

Garraffo palermo Source

Wondering where to eat in Palermo? For those wanting to distance themselves from a touristic and popular seafood restaurant in Palermo Garraffo is an excellent option.

In fact, many have said they have best seafood in Palermo.

It has a very authentic atmosphere; with vine plants swirling all over their outdoor section.

It is a pleasure to dine in on a warm summer night, or under the shade of an enormous tree in hot weather.

After enjoying their amazing seafood dishes like their cuttlefish and black ravioli, you go for a stroll to Piazza Marina where you can find what the restaurant is after – the often unrecognized, yet iconic Fountain of Garraffo.

4) Oste dello Stabile

oste dello stabile palermoSource

Oste dello Stabile could not be a better option if the best of Sicilian dining is what you seek. This is one of the best places to eat for people who understand and love the gourmet aspect of food.

The meticulous way in which these dishes is unlike anything that other seafood restaurants in Palermo do, so eating here is quite the experience. The majority of their menu consists of succulent seafood dishes, but also offer vegetarian options.

Of course, any meal in Italy has to be enjoyed with a glass of good wine. The restaurant’s wine cellar has an incredible variety of top quality wines that will tie your evening together perfectly.

If you want to try some of the best seafood in Palermo, make sure to book a table at Osteo dello Stabile.

5) Osteria Mercede

Osterio de Mercede palermoSource

Dining in Palermo could not be done best than by eating at one of the most reputable seafood in Palermo –  the Osteria Mercede. This is a small restaurant where locals love to eat in Palermo, which makes the most authentic Italian restaurant in Palermo to eat in.

They specialize in all things seafood, so you can be sure that whatever you eat will be sublime. Its atmosphere denotes a charming, traditional Sicilian household ready to welcome you and your family for a great meal.

The best dish you could try here is their cod and bottarga pasta, as well as their sea urchin linguine.

It is located very close to Teatro Massimo, making it the perfect place to eat in at after sitting through a show at this beautiful opera house.

Palermo has a lot of food options to offer, yet it’s seafood is as delicious as it’s name might sound.

Do comment which one is your fav. seafood restaurant in palermo

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