9 Best Markets to do Shopping in Palermo [Sicily]

Especially in such a popular city such as Palermo, finding the right places to shop. Because we know how shopping in Palermo can be overwhelming, here is a list of the best markets in Palermo. 

1) La Vucciria

One of the best places to do some shopping in Palermo would have to be the La Vucciria market.


it is the oldest and liveliest market of them all – from 8 pm.

That’s right, in order to best enjoy La Vucciria, it is strongly recommended to attend later on in the evening for an amazing shopping opportunity and to try some of their local aperitifs.

This is one of the best shopping neighborhoods, where you will be able to buy the freshest fruit, vegetables, and fish to cook the best Italian meal.

It is also close to the most famous attractions of Palermo such as Piazza Caracciolo and Piazza Garrafello where you’ll be able to take breaks from all this shopping and enjoy a glass of Sicilia wine. 

2) Mercato di Capo

Found along the Via San Agostino sits one of the best street markets for shopping in Palermo.

This food market will surely give you one of the most colorful and vibrant shopping experiences you have ever had.

With shopkeepers yelling at the top of their lungs to compete for your attention, and the midday rush of locals trying to get the best products, this market is a great example of an organized chaos spectacle.

This is definitely one of the best markets in Palermo, where you will be able to both have an insight into the life of Palermo’s locals, and be surprised by the amount of delicious food you can buy. 

3) Via Maqueda

Via Maqueda is the perfect place for an exclusive experience of shopping in Palermo.


you will be able to see an incredible amount or traditional Sicilian jewelry, ceramics, and souvenirs that you can take back home.

The street is covered with the best gift and specialty shops in Palermo where you’ll be able to purchase everything you need for your friends and family. 

Not only that,

but anything you buy from these shops is going to be very unique and original. If you go towards the south of the street, you will be able to find great options to go clothes shopping in Palermo, many of them offering ethnic clothes.

4) Via Della Liberta

One of the best luxurious shopping opportunities you can have in Palermo takes place in Via Della Liberta.

This beautiful avenue has some of the most expensive and exclusive brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, Michael Kors, and other local luxury brands and boutiques. 

5) Ballaro

Since the 10th century, the Ballaro market has stayed on its feet.

This is one of the best markets in Palermo, where you will be able to smell and see amazing food or produce that you could buy to make your own Italian dishes. 

For food and clothes shopping in Palermo, Ballaro is the best street market to go to. 

6) Via Roma

Via Roma is one of the oldest and most popular avenues in Palermo.

Although a lot of the shops along the street have closed down, you can find anything you need at the Rinascente shopping mall.

From luxury to high street brands, this Palermo shopping outlet has it all.

7) Via Ruggero Settimo

Located in between two of the most important squares of Palermo, Via Ruggero Settimo is one of the most traveled avenues and holds several international fashion stores that are mostly attractive to younger audiences.

Shopping along Via Ruggero can also be a great way to get to know the beautiful streets of Palermo.

8) Mercato delle Pulci 

Mercato delle Pulci is the ultimate place to go shopping in Palermo to for those who are interested in a unique experience.

Here, flea market enthusiasts can spend hours looking at the different stalls displaying extraordinary items and antiques.

From old traditional Sicilian jewelry to antique record players, the options of what you can buy. The flea market is open every day of the week, including Sundays. 

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