Sicily Guide: Find The Best Attractions Here

Congratulations! You could not have picked a better place to spend your holidays in.

So you already know you’re going to one of the best places in Italy. Sicily!

But do you really know what to do once you’re there?

What about what to eat? And where to stay?


Well, don’t you worry, that is why you have been smart enough to land on this page, right?

Put in a few words, this is the “Sicily Guide”. Not ultimate, but impressive.

Yes, you’ll know about the best places to stay at, the best places to go to in Sicily, What the best Sicilian dishes and restaurants are, and even what the weather is like during peak and off-peak season.

Here we go!

Where to Fly To? – Sicily Guide

Depending on where you want to base yourself in Sicily, you may want to decide where you want to fly to.

Sicily has three main airports that most people like to book their flights to.

They are well-distributed around the island, making it easy for you to reach your city of choice without a problem.

The most popular airport in Sicily is the Palermo Airport. If you are planning on visiting the capital and Cefalu, another of Sicily’s preferred touristic spots, this is probably one of the best spots to fly to.

If you are thinking of visiting Syracuse, Catania or Taormina,

The Catania Fontanarossa Airport is perhaps a better option, since it would save you many travelling hours if you landed in Palermo Airport.

This airport is located in the east coast of the island while Palermo is in the North-west.

Best Cities in Sicily

The Capital City:

1. Palermo

largest city of Sicily

Palermo is quite simply Sicily’s most popular and largest city.

It is the capital, and it is where most of Sicily’s best attractions are concentrated.

Not only will you be able to find the most appealing and traditional attractions to visit here, but it’s streets,

Neighbourhoods and nightlife is some of the best and most vibrant in the whole island.

Some examples of iconic Sicilian tourist attractions that you can find here are the Norman Palace, the Palermo Cathedral,

The Massimo Theater, the Kalsa district, numerous colorful street markets, and the legendary Fontana Pretoria.

In Palermo, you can be absolutely sure that you’ll never get bored since the list of markets in Palermo never seems to end!

2. Syracuse

perfect destination for a holiday

Syracuse is found along the Ionian coast. It is mostly known for its incredible archeological sites,and its amazing views of the sparkling turquoise blue sea.

Syracuse is Sicily’s second largest city; making it the perfect destination for a holiday since it gives a relatively less touristic vibe and atmosphere than it’s imposing sister, Palermo.

If you are looking to spend a more relaxed and natural-driven holiday, basing yourself in Syracuse is perhaps your best option.

Sicily is quite small in itself anyway, so it is very easy to drive to neighbouring cities for the day.

Wondering what kind of things you can see in Syracuse?

Well, to make the list short, there is the incredible Ear of Dionysius, the Teatro Greco, and a wide range of archeological museums such as the Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi and Parco Archeologico della Neapolis.

3. Catania

bars and restaurants in Sicily

You can find Catania at the east of the island. It is the third most visited city in Sicily, and sits beautifully at the food of one of Sicily-s most impressive active volcanoes – Mount Etna.

Catania was an outstandingly influential city during ancient times, making it today one of the culturally and historically rich places in Italy.

Catania is most often described as chaotic and exciting city; perfect for those who are interested in knowing and discovering the trendiest and most invigorating bars and restaurants.

No matter what time of the day you are in this city, you will always be able infinite waves of traditional Sicilian energy running through the streets…and eventually through your veins.

Not sure what to expect from visiting Catania?

For sure, one of it’s best sites to visit is La Pesheria; Catania’s loud and lively fish market that overpowers the streets near its main meeting point Piazza del Duomo.

This said, of course you can imagine the type of exquisite Sicilian seafood you can taste while you’re here.

Make sure this image does not only exist in your head though! Don’t hesitate and book your trip to Catania.

4. Cefalu

Best Cities in Sicily

If you were hoping to see the ultimate charming side of Sicily, ending up in Cefalu could simply not be a better option.

Cefalu is quite close to Palermo, but is most known for its incredible cliff wall that lies behind it.

This small yet iconic Sicilian city is nothing like you have ever seen before, offering you sceneries and sunset views that you will never forget.

Apart from the city in itself, Cefalu is home to the Mandralisca Museum filled with countless archeological and historical exhibits showing you Sicily’s best kept secrets. You’ll also see an exceptional variety of ancient churches and forts decorated with the most unique mosaics and Arabic heritage architecture.

You’ll also see an exceptional variety of ancient churches and forts decorated with the most unique mosaics and Arabic heritage architecture.

I have a list of 9 best cities in sicily, you might wanna read it.

Best Hotels in Sicily

In a few words, Sicily is one of those places that welcomes everyone. No matter who you are, what your background or budget is, Sicily’s cities will always offer you incredible places to stay so you make the most out of your trip.

Here are some of the best hotels in Sicily you can stay in.

They have been carefully hand-picked and selected; keeping in mind the most important things that must be taken into account when looking for a place to stay: location, price, and quality.

1. San Domenico Palace Hotel

where to stay in Palermo

Who doesn’t like a little bit luxury?

How about a bit of pampering?

Located in Taormina, the San Domenico Palace Hotel is definitely the place you want to book a room in if you’re looking for the most elegant and luxurious hotels in Sicily.

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy your breakfast on the terrace that overlooks the Ionian Sea while enjoying the Sicilian sunshine.

It has the perfect location for reaching the city center easily; just 10 minutes away on food. 

2. B&B Porta di Castro

best attractions in Palermo

If you are looking for something that showcases some of the best of Sicilian design, yet still budget friendly, you cannot get a better option than Palermo’s B&B Porta di Castro.

Found at an arm’s length of all of Palermo’s best attractions, this hotel will let you see what it feels like to be a local, yet treated like royalty at a reasonable price.

Here, you can expect to spend the most comfortable nights, in rooms decorated beautifully; making your trip to Sicily’s capital truly memorable.

3. Art & Jazz Hotel

Art & Jazz Hotel in Catania

Look no further if a spark of originality, wit and a unique stay is what you’re looking for.

Located in Catania, the Art & Jazz Hotel is one of the best places you can stay in when you’re paying Catania a visit.


Well, simply because besides providing you some incredible amenities such as hydromassage showers and memory foam mattresses, it is very original in its decorative design.

From street art pieces in expected places to old vinyl records hung up on the wall, you can be sure to always spend fun nights at this hotel.

In terms of logistics, this hotel is located just 500 meters away from the Catania Train Station, making it a perfect place to stay at if you have luggage to carry.

4. Hotel Villa Romana

beach hotel in Sicily

Haven’t quite found the perfect beach hotel in Sicily?

The Hotel Villa Romana is perhaps the best option for you. It is a 4-star hotel in which you can stay in for an extremely affordable price.

The beautiful city of Agrigento is located very close by if you’re craving a little cultural, city trip while you’re there.

Not only is it a few minutes walk away from the beach, but it also has its own outdoor pool and terrace where you can sunbathe in for when the beach gets too crowded.

Read more about beaches in Sicily here.

Whenever you book a room, you will also get a full, delicious free breakfast.

What are you waiting for? Make sure to make your reservation before someone beats you to it!

What to Eat in Sicily

So you’re in Sicily. Of course you know that pasta and pizza are definitely Italian dishes that you have to try while you’re there, but they are certainly not the only best of Sicilian cuisine.

You may also want to read my full guide on eat in Palermo.

Make sure to try these dishes while you’re out visiting Sicily!

1. Arancini

Sicilian street food

The first thing you MUST eat when in Sicily no questions asked, is Arancini.

This is the most iconic Sicilian street food snack – golden fried balls or risotto rice filled with cheese, tomato sauce, ragu meat, peas and a boiled egg. Sometimes, they also fill them with an exquisite pesto sauce too.

You can find these being sold pretty much anywhere on the street –  they make the perfect afternoon snack!

2. Pasta Allo Scoglio

Best italian restaurant

Want to taste the best of both worlds?

What better way to do it than to combine pasta and seafood?

This traditional Sicilian dish always makes sure to use the freshest fish, lobsters, calamari and oysters, usually caught that same afternoon; its sauce made with locally grown tomatoes.

For sure, the best way to enjoy this succulent meal is with a glass of local white wine at the beach while seeing the sunset in the distance.

3. Cannoli

traditional Sicilian dish

If you have a sweet tooth, you will never look back after tasting Sicily’s proudest dessert creation; cannoli.

There are hundreds of bakeries and restaurants that offer this majestic and traditional dish. It is not a complicated dish at all. In fact, it is quite simple.

A delicious creamy ricotta filling is wrapped from a crispy and crumbly paste that makes your mouth water from just thinking about it.

You can find all sorts of toppings on it as well; from chocolate sprinkles, to pistachio drops.

This may not be the best of sicily guide, i’m sure you can get a ton of information on Sicily, but this is going to help you planning on Sicily itinerary.

If you like it, do not hesitate to share it!!

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