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Everything You Need to Know about the Mysterious Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley can be best described as, “The World within a World” -Rudyard Kipling

Welcome to Spiti Valley– “The Untouched – HIMALAYA”

Have you ever dreamt of escaping from the mundane life?

Are you daring enough to walk on the less traveled road and leave your footprint behind?

Have you ever felt the temptation to take yourself away from the daily grind of life, to a land of adventure; where there’s no one, but you and your lover surrounded by beautiful nature?

If yes, then breathtakingly beautiful Spiti valley is the place to be.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags, leave everything behind, and just run away, ready to explore a new world.

But, hey, wait!

Before you do that, read our full guide on taking a tour to Spit Valley, till the end.

The guide is very useful for those visiting the place for the first time. The guide will cover,

  • How to reach Spiti valley – by air, by train or by road.
  • Which is the most budget friendly way to Spiti valley?
  • What to carry in your backpack.
  • How to prevent High Altitude Sickness/ Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).
  • Which hotels to stay, and restaurants to eat at different bus junctions.
  • How’s life in Spiti Valley.
  • Places to visit in Spiti Valley
  • Best time to visit Spiti Valley

Welcome on board to Lahaul- Spiti Valley Tour, an offbeat destination-INDIA

Spiti Valley Tour

An introduction to this place in words won’t do justice. You have to visit the place yourself, and experience it first hand to know it truly.

“Lahaul- Spiti” is drop dead gorgeous, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, a home to some of the highest villages, old monasteries, world’s highest post office, and the most stunning landscape.

If you are looking for full guidance: the best time to visit Spiti valley, best seasons and the best months, then read till the end, we have you covered!

Where is Spiti Valley located?

In an Indian State of Himachal Pradesh at a high altitude of approx. 4000 meters, a barbed and unexplored gem which falls under the Sub-district of ‘Kaza’ popularly known as “Spiti valley” which means “middle land”, a land which not only falls between “Tibet Autonomous Region and India but also shares it’s culture and tradition too from Tibet.

How to Reach Spiti Valley?

  • By Air: There is no direct air connectivity/airport to Spiti Valley due to its remoteness. You need to fly to Indira Gandhi International Airport -New Delhi and then you need to Books Cabs, Buses or you can go Biking.
  • By Train: There are no direct Rail routes in the Spiti Valley. Shimla is the nearest railway station. From there, you can hire cabs, jeeps. Buses are also available from the station.
  • By Road: There are two well-known routes to reach Spiti valley from Delhi. Spiti is accessible by road around the year and requires you to travel a total distance of 700 to 800 km, depending on what places you want to visit on the way. One can travel from Shimla to Kaza to Manali. You can also complete the journey the other way round– by starting from Manali, and following the tribal circuit, until you reach Shimla

         HRTC Bus route:- Delhi –> Shimla–>Rampur(Rampur Bushar) –>Reckong Peo(Peo)–>Kaza(Spiti Valley)


How to get Bus from Delhi ISBT (Interstate Bus Stop) to Spiti valley (Kaza)

The best and most economical way to Spiti valley is by hopping on the Budget Bus Trip (Delhi- Kaza).

There are two ways to book the bus ticket.

  • You can directly book the bus ticket from the Himachal Roadways official website until 4 hours of the departure.


  • You can buy one, at the Kashmiri Gate ISBT from counter no-09 and bus will depart from platform no-21.

For any queries related to Himachal buses, you can dial 011-23868694.

Note: There is no direct bus to Kaza( Spiti valley).

But before we hop on the journey, make sure that you have the following mentioned items on your backpack list.


Essentials to Pack!!

While packing the bag pack, you must carry the following items with you at all times.

  • Windproof Jackets (heavy/feather if you are coming before June and after October)
  • Lip guard
  • Thermals
  • Waterproof / snow-proof trekking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Woolen caps, Mufflers, and Gloves
  • Pullovers / Sweatshirt
  • Sunscreen
  • A flashlight
  • Raincoat (not necessary- but you never know when the need arises)

How to prevent High Altitude Sickness/ Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Medical Precautions on the tour

Spiti valley is at a high altitude of approx. 4000 meters and heights can make you really sick, when you can’t get enough oxygen from air at high altitudes. Altitude sickness can be dangerous.

Early Symptoms                                               




 Later Symptoms

Shortness of Breath

Extreme Fatigue

Respiratory Failure

What can you do prevent mountain sickness?
  • Take “Acetazolamide”, sold under the trade name of ‘Diamox’. As a precautionary measure take it a day before travelling to high altitude.
  • Diamox is used to treat glaucoma, epilepsy, Acute Mountain Sickness, Periodic paralysis and heart failure.

Note: You may experience side effects like Itching, if so then discontinue taking it.

Delhi to Spiti Valley Itinerary Planning

First Leg :- Delhi(ISBT) to Rampur (Rampur Bushar)

District: Shimla

Duration: 13 Hrs.

The bus journey from Delhi to Rampur is going to take approx. 13 hours, and it is a full night’s journey (7:30 pm Delhi departure) in Volvo bus which will cost you near around 800-1000 INR. The whole night is going to be spent in a journey and you will reach Rampur early in the morning at near around 8:30 pm.

So, hopefully if you can manage sleeping in the bus during the night’s journey, you won’t find the journey exhausting. After reaching Rampur, you can freshen up and relax, and get ready for starting next journey to Reckong Peo.

Hotels & Food junction in Rampur Bushar:

  • Guest Houses and hotels are available near the Bus stand on a tariff of 800 INR to 1000INR/ Day
  • In food – You can get a Paratha and Thali.
  • Paratha – 20 INR/ piece.
  • Thali – 80 INR/per thali will cost you for food.

Important Things to remember

  • Beware of Touts at ISBT, avoid taking tickets from them, and always take it either from the counter or online. Touts will come to you repeatedly, they will try to make you fall into their trap by saying that Bus for the said destination is about to leave and all seats are almost full, I have a confirmed ticket, take it. Avoid them.
  • In HRTC buses there is no fair system of seats, they start filling up seats from backside and if you are willing to take front seats you need to go to platform to get confirmed seats, on counter they don’t provide it and there is some so-called VIP system.

2nd Leg- Rampur to Reckong Peo

District: Kinnaur

Duration: 3:30 hours ( Approx.)


So from here, you have to take another bus for Reckong Peo. You need to make an enquiry at HRTC Bus Stand Enquiry Counter for better clarification about the upcoming bus for Reckong Peo.

Note: there are just a couple of buses runs on this route and once you hopped on the bus for Peo after few hour you will have mixed feelings about the journey altogether.

How’s the journey? Too exciting or terrifying? You decide yourself!

Technically the thrill & Adventure on the Spiti valley tour starts here.

The journey could either give you adrenaline rush, but if you have a faint heart, you might end up in terror.

It’s because at one hand you will be encountering mesmerizing landscape and sceneries and at another hand you will be facing most dangerous motorable under construction roads. On one end there are hills and other end is having deep trench and underneath of the trench, the River Sutlej is following. The experience will leave you in Aww!!

After the journey on this road, having a good rest is highly recommended.

Gov. Guest houses

    1. Forest Dept.;
    2. PWD Dept.

Note: They can only be used by employee of Himachal Govt or if you have some relavant contacts, you can get for a cheap price.

Local Hotels

Tariff: 800 INR to 1000INR/ Day

Food: Paratha- 20 INR/ piece and Thali – 80 INR/Thali


3rd Leg – Reckong Peo- Kaza( Spiti Valley Sub-HQ)

Duration: 10 hours

Spiti Valley Route


So hold your breath now, for you are about to enter the mesmerizing, mysterious Valley of Spiti.

Note: Book your tickets in advance via online through HRTC portal as there is only one bus coming to this route, buses are often overly crowded.

Alternate way to Kaza??

Here is an alternate way to reach Kaza too but for that, you have to struggle and try to reach POOH or Sumdo by making alternative arrangement then you might get another bus for Kaza.

Good news for ladies tourists

Himachal Roadway  provides 25% concession on fare for Ladies (of all parts of India) on all buses only in Himachal Area.

Check Post in Spiti Valley ( for Foreign Tourist)

 {   Registration Centers for getting permission to Enter in Valley }

There are two check posts in Spiti Valley, only meant for Foreign Tourist and for Labours coming from another state of India or Nepal to work in Spiti Valley.

First: In Ribba

Second: In  Sumdo

What’s the first thing to do when you enter Kaza ?

Once you enter Kaza, You are advised to take ample amount of rest to get acclimatized and avoid exertion, before starting your journey to Spiti valley.  As I already mentioned earlier; Kaza is situated at an altitude of 3500 meters so the chance is pretty high that you will encounter High altitude sickness.

You may also want to refer to our Medical Precaution Section as mentioned above to prevent sickness from height.

Bonus tip: Also once you are in Kaza, try eating local traditional food and local Tea; it will help you get acclimatized faster.

 Places to Visit in Kaza

Note down these important places in your diary while you are planning your trip to Kaza as you can always reach to these places in case of an emergency.

  • Hospital in Kaza →There is a primary Health center/ Dispensary in Kaza near the Indian oil Gasoline/Petrol Station. You can visit this center  in case of severe emergency (in case of injury or falling sick) or when you precautionary advice.
  • Shops in Kaza → As is the HQ of Spiti, you will find shops and items of daily use here easily. There is “ Decathlon shop” too, there. You can find it suitable for your mountain journey.it opens at 10.30 am to 6.30 pm.
  • ATM/ Bank in Kaza( Spiti Valley) → There are only 2 banks and their respective 2 ATMs available in Kaza-One is SBI &  2nd is the Local Co-Op Bank. You need to have ample amount of Cash with you because there is no option available to pay via online wallet or POS machines.
  • Hotels in Kaza ( Spiti HQ) → Hotels, Hostels, Homestays and Guest Houses are available in KazaINR (Spiti HQ).Room tariff ranges from 600 INR to 1000 INR, depends upon the season and standard provided.
  • Mobile & Internet Services in Spiti Valley →There is a very poor condition of mobile and internet services in Spiti valley. The signals are quite weak. Only BSNL/MTNL companies’ network works here. No Services of Airtel/ Vodafone/Idea/Aircel/ Jio or any other Mobile network service provider.
  • Motor Bikes/ Bike on Rent- It is better to rent a bike in Kaza to take full advantage of the breathtaking views of the valley.
  • A bike like Pulsar or Enfield can be rented for a day at a cost of traffic 800 INR to 1500 INR. You need to bear the cost of petrol on your own. 5 to 8 Litre Petrol or gasoline will be sufficient enough to see the valley and return to Kaza.

Helmets will be provided by the Bike rental shop itself. You need to buy Gloves and bike kit to get yourself safe from dry air and sunburn. You can get it from “Decathlon shop” from Kaza.

Note: Only opt for hiring a bike if you are a good biker, otherwise you might end up hurting yourself.

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