Syracuse Guide: 49 Ideas You Need In Your Syracuse Itinerary

Planning a trip to Sicily?

I’m sure Syracuse is on your list, since it is one of the best cities in Sicily, Italy.

This guide will help you finalize your itinerary and so you never have to worry about anything while in Syracuse.

We worry about the basis things first whenever planning for a trip, be it short or long, that’s how our Natural Human instincts work – Food, Shelter, Expense.

This Syracuse Guide will help you cut down time on the planning and focus more on “Some Self-Love” & “Fruits of Traveling”.

Here’s what you will read:

11 Breathtaking Things to do in Syracuse, Sicily

You probably think you already know what there is to see in Sicily.

Everything seems to be surrounded by good Italian food, the blue sea, and everlasting sunshine.

Sure, all those things are indeed the main components of Sicily…but Syracuse, in particular, has a lot more to offer than that.

Wondering what the best things to do in Syracuse are?

Keep reading this post, you’ll know everything at the end of it!

1. Beautiful Island of Ortygia

To Do In Syracuse

Wanting to be impressed by what nature can do?

Then don’t think twice about visiting the beautiful island of Ortygia.

Considered one of Syracuse’s treasures, this island is surrounded by turquoise water and contains some of Sicily’s favorite landmarks.

Expect to see a great variety of Italian restaurants serving delicious Sicilian delicacies and a range of archeological sites that never disappoint.

2. Cathedral of Syracuse

tourist attractions of Syracuse

No, this isn’t just another cathedral.

The Cathedral of Syracuse is one of the most important tourist attractions and one of the most loved places to visit as well.


Well, simply because of its unique baroque architecture and charming image that brings the whole city to life!

Make sure to visit it during the day and night to see it in a different light.

3. Ear of Dionysius

Ear of Dionysius

I’m sure you’ve seen pretty much every typical tourist attraction in Sicily by now…archeological and historical sites, as well as sandy beaches.

But no, this unusual Sicilian attraction is very different from what you’ve seen before.

Made out of natural limestone, the Ear of Dionysius is one of Syracuse’s most important attractions, one of which is definitely a must-see.

Check out some of the best beaches in Sicily here

4. Dive in Cassibile – 30 KM Long River

outdoor adventure in Syracuse

For those who are always up for a little outdoor adventure, Syracuse offers just what you need.

Located in a beautiful natural reserve, Cassiblile is a 30 km long river that ends in the Ionian Sea. Here, you will be able to do activities such as kayaking, climbing, and hiking; all while enjoying one of the most loved natural landscapes of Sicily.

In fact, many tourists who come to visit it have called it heavenly! You wouldn’t want to miss out on that, would you?

5. Leonardo da Vinci Museum and Archimede Siracusa

Leonardo da Vinci Museum and Archimede Siracusa

You’ve heard Leonardo of da Vinci, right?

One of the greatest and most important characters in the history of the world?

I’m pretty sure you have. But if you feel like you want to truly gain some deeper insight into everything he did to develop technology in society, visiting this museum is probably one of the best things to do in Sicily.

The museum has a great and engaging exhibit that will not only inform you but leave you wanting to know more! Children also always seem to enjoy wonderful hallways and explanations given out.

6. Fountain of Arethusa

Fountain of Arethusa

The best way to see this incredible site is but planning to do so.


To be taken by surprise by the beauty of the only natural source of water in Syracuse, the best way to see this tourist attraction is by following the old pedestrian streets at the heart of the city; they will inevitably lead you to it no matter what.

Previous visitors have called the best thing to see in Syracuse, can you believe it?

7. Greek Theatre of Syracuse

Greek Theatre of Syracuse

Want to see one of the most iconic sites in Syracuse?

Built in the 5th century BC, The Greek Theater of Syracuse is probably one of the best things to see while you’re there.

It will take you back in time to the ancient Roman era where you’ll be able to learn everything about the theatre culture. Guided tours are also available in different languages.

8. Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi

Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi

Not only is this must-see museum in Syracuse the best in Sicily, but it’s one of the most acclaimed museums in Europe.

If you’re not sure about what to do in Syracuse for a whole day, don’t hesitate to consider the Regional Paolo Orsi museum an option.

In here, you’ll be able to see everything in terms of archeological artifacts; such as sculptures, paintings, pottery, and ruins.

Don’t worry about your children getting bored – there are activities made for them to keep them entertained.

9. Temple of Apollo

 Temple of Apollo of  Syracuse

One of the best things to do in Syracuse is to go to the Temple of Apollo.

It is an incredibly well-conserved piece of history in which you can learn about all kinds of interesting and fascinating stories from ancient times.

It is actually located on the island of Ortygia; only making it more of an incentive to go and visit it, of course. You can find it in front of Piazza Pancali, another of Syracuse’s best tourist attractions.

10. Castello Maniace

Castello Maniace in Syracuse

Found at the furthest point of the Ortygia island, this combination of a fortress, a citadel and castle is a must-see in Syracuse.

The Castello Maniace shows the old defense tactics that were used a couple of centuries ago and looks out to the beautiful harbor….but being honest, the best place to see this castle from is for afar since it makes it appear that it is floating in the middle of a turquoise sea.

If you’re observant enough, you’ll even be able to see the ancient gun emplacements!

11. Latomia del Paradiso

Latomia del Paradiso in Syracuse

Another of Syracuse’s natural must-sees is the Latomia del Paradiso.

Like the name says so itself, it is the closest you’ll ever be to paradise. You can walk through a garden of vegetation surrounded by cliffs and archeological sites. For botanical enthusiasts, this is the perfect way to spend a day in Syracuse.

Although it has a dark past that you’ll discover once you’re there, its natural surroundings give it a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

If Palermo is also on your list of Things to do in Sicily, read what you can do in Palermo

B. Hotels in Syracuse Guide: 5 star, Luxury, Boutique Hotels, B&B

perfect place to stay in Syracuse

Of course, your trip to Syracuse is not complete unless you have the perfect place to stay in.

Do you know what you are looking for?

A B&B? Something a little more luxurious? Or maybe a bit more on the cheaper side of things?

Not to worry, this post covers the best hotels in Syracuse to consider when planning your trip over to one of Sicily’s most loved cities.

You may also want to check out Where to Stay in Palermo here

Here we go!

3 Best Luxury Hotels in Syracuse

Here is the list of 3 best luxury hotels in Syracuse

1. Principe di Fitalia

luxury hotels in Syracuse

One of the best luxury hotels in Syracuse is this one right here.

Located only 4km away from Syracuse’s beautiful island Ortigia, this is probably the best hotel in Syracuse to spend some unforgettable nights in. Not only is the architecture completely mind blowing, but it qualifies as part of one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

The hotel contains a pool, a gym, a kid’s area, and and a spa to spend however hours you want inside after a full day of sightseeing and enjoying the beautiful city of Syracuse.

2. VOI Arenella Resort

hotels in Syracuse

One of the best choices you can make when looking for luxury hotels in Syracuse is the VOI Arenella Resort.

You can find this spectacular hotel very close to the center of Syracuse, but far enough so you can enjoy some peace and quite from the buzzing city life. In fact, this hotel is near the beach, making it possible for you to hop down to the sea any time you want.

Since it is not located right in the center, this is the perfect hotel to stay in if you want to visit any of the surrounding towns like Noto or Ragusa.

3. Hotel Gutkowski

best luxury hotels in Syracuse

Everyone knows there’s nothing better than to wake up to the sound of the ocean waves.

…and you’re in luck. Because Hotel Gutkowski is one of the best luxury hotels in Syracuse that promises just that.

With many of the rooms directly overlooking the turquoise Sicilian ocean waters, there is definitely not a better place to stay then this. The architecture of this hotel will leave you impressed indeed; with wonderful Sicilian details and designs.

3 Best 5 Star Hotels in Syracuse

I know you have money and you don’t mind spending it, but what you are looking for is authenticity, comfort, and luxury of course. Here’s a list of 3 best 5 star hotels in Syracuse. Of course there are others as well, but these are my favorite.

1. Grand Hotel Ortigia

5 star hotel in Syracuse

Looking for an extraordinary 5 star hotel in Syracuse?

There is no better place to stay than the Grand Hotel Ortigia. Located in Syracuse’s most love island, this hotel promises you splendid mornings and nights on top of their rooftop terrace overlooking the sea.

It is within 5 minutes walking distance from one of Syracuse’s greatest attractions – The Arethusa Fountain – the perfect place to go to while on a night stroll around the city.

2. Grand Hotel Minareto

5 star hotel experience in Syracuse

If you’re looking for elegance, luxury and the ultimate exclusive 5 star hotel experience in Syracuse, the Grand Hotel Minareto will grant it for you without fail.

This hotel is so luxurious, that it is in fact found in the protected are of Plemmirio…how much more exclusive can it get? But don’t worry, they have shuttle buses available to transport you into the city.

Here, you will be able to enjoy lavish dinners on top of rocky cliffs over the ocean; romantic evenings that you will not be able to embrace anywhere else. This 5 star hotel also has two private beaches, a pool, and an exquisite included breakfast.

3. Ortea Luxury Palace

hotels in Syracuse

After busy days in the city of Syracuse, the best thing to do is have a relaxed evening full of pampering services.

Evidently, the best place to do it in is at one of the best 5 star hotels in Syracuse – the Ortea Luxury Palace.

This hotel is completely different from the variety of traditional and antique looking hotels in Syracuse. Its modern conceptualization makes all the rooms look crisp and smart; where you’ll be more than happy to spend your nights in.

Most rooms have a spectacular view of the port, which simply looks incredible at any point of the day.

Best B&B ‘s in Siracusa

Here’s a list of 3 best Bed & Breakfast in Syracuse. AGAIN, of course there are ,many others but these are my favorite.

1. Giuggiulena Villa Perasole Sabrina

best Bed & Breakfast in Syracuse

If you decide to send your nights at this hotel, you will certainly not regret it…but what could possibly make this hotel so great?

Well, first, its excellent location allows you to enjoy both the ocean, and some of the best attractions of Syracuse such as the Theatre of Syracuse and the Temple of Apollo.

For cloudy days, the hotel has a library with wonderful material for you to read. For days with better weather, there is a large terrage to relax on, as well as a bike rental service.

2. B&B Maison Ortigia

B&B in Maison Ortigia

Can’t seem to find a good enough place to stay in Syracuse?

Look no further than the B&B Maison Ortigia. Past visitors have been over the moon with where this hotel is located – right in the middle of the city. It is at walking distance from Syracuse’s best tourist attractions making it very easy to get from place to place.

Another of it’s amazing features is its included breakfast; arranged with a range of delicous Sicilian delicacies waiting for you every morning.

Make sure to ask for a room with a balcony! It will give you the best view of the city…another great thing to be excited about waking up to.

3. La Via Della Giudecca

 best B&B hotels in Syracuse

Want to be immersed in the city Syracuse? Eating Sicilian delicacies and visiting the best tourist destinations of the city is never quite enough.

That’s why staying at one of the best B&B hotels in Syracuse – La Via Della Giudecca – is just what you need to get the entire Sicilian experience. The building itself fits in perfectly with the Syracuse and Sicilan aesthetic; with charming decorations, interior design and balconies.

This hotel has a free breakfast included, an airport shuttle service to ease your transport, and air conditioning for the hot summer months.

Boutique Hotels – Syracuse Guide

OMG..Boutique hotels are my all time favorite. Here are 3 amongst so many others

1. Caportigia Boutique Hotel

boutique hotel in Syracuse

This boutique hotel in Syracuse is one of the best places to stay in by far. Located in a peaceful park area lined with trees, this boutique hotel is perfect for you to enjoy both luxury and charm in one.

The rooms available are luminous and modern; with exquisite design details that are unlike any other hotel in town.

Some of its amenities are a hot tub, an incredible rooftop terrace, an airport shuttle, and free breakfast.

2. Re Federico Boutique Hotel

Best Syracuse boutique hotel

For architecture and design enthusiasts, this Syracuse boutique hotel is only the best choice you can make.

With the chic and carefully decorated rooms that make it up, you can be sure that your nights will always be filled with excitement and uniqueness. It is always set up in the perfect location, at walking distance from the best restaurants, bars and must-see attractions in Syracuse.

3. Charme Hotel Henry’s House

best hotel in Syracuse to stay

I bet you can’t get enough of Sicilian interior design: earth toned walls, Sicilian paintings, warm lighting, and Italian furniture design.

For this reason, the Charme Hotel Henry is only the best hotel in Syracuse to stay in. Like the name says so itself, this incredible hotel contains some of the best antique suites and rooms you will have ever seen in the whole of Syracuse.

Make sure to enjoy their free breakfast made up of Sicilian pastries and eggs, and views of the landscape from their breathtaking terrace overlooking the Ion Ionian sea.

The Charme Hotel is truly one of tourists’ most favourite locations to stay in, don’t hesitate to make your reservations soon!

We hope this list of hotels is helpful towards your trip planning! These hotels have been carefully handpicked and selected for their high quality, good reviews, and ability to make your trip as memorable as ever!

C. What to eat in Syracuse

 place to eat in Sicily

It’s no secret that some of the best food in the world is in Italy.

And that there is no better place to eat it than in Sicily; the paradisiacal Italian island surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

But eating a Sicilian meal in the enchanting city of Syracuse?

Now, that’s nothing you can’t compare.

This post will tell you exactly what to in Syracuse; so that your time there is not only spent seeing incredible things, but tasting them too.

1. Ricotta Granita

places to eat in Syracuse

If you are wondering what to it in Syracuse on a hot summer day, there is nothing better than a refreshing Ricotta Granita. In a few words, a ricotta granita is kind of a semi-frozen creamy ice cream; similiar to a slushie…but way better.

Some Sicilian locals actually have this for breakfast! How good of an idea is that?

2. Cucche

traditional rotisserie dish in Syracuse

Syracuse is especially known for its rotisserie dishes. If you are struggling which is the best to it in Syracuse, then you should try Cucche.

It is by far the most traditional rotisserie dish you’ll find in the city; and tastes incredible when accompanied by cheese and sausage. The best way to eat cucche is on a terrace with a glass of Sicilian wine while looking over the sunset.

3. Fried Sardines

best seafood in Syracuse

Everybody knows that when in Syracuse, the one thing you need to eat is seafood. But if you’re wondering what the best seafood to eat in Syracuse is, fried sardines are the answer.

You can find this delicious dish on pretty much every menu of the city; and you can always be sure that they will be the freshest of the lot; probably fished out of the sea a few hours prior.

4. Puppetti Ri Muccu

traditional dish of Syracuse

If you want to try one of Syracuse’s most traditional dishes, the puppetti i muccu is the most iconic thing you can try.

They are fish meatballs made out of a very peculiar type of fish, only available in the fish market. Locals mostly eat this as a delicious second course as it it quite filling, yet still requires a very simple preparation.

5. Pasta Alla Siracusana

Syracusan Pasta

WIth the overwhelming amount of pasta dishes that you see on menus at every restaurant, it can be quite difficult to know which one to pick out of the bunch. If you are looking for the answer on what pasta to eat in Syracuse, Pasta Alla Siracusana must definitely be on your top choice.

This iconic Syracusan dish is succulently prepared with garlic cloves, anchovies and breadcrumbs to give it a good crunch.

D. Best Restaurants in Siracusa

With hundreds of excellent restaurants in Syracuse, it can be quite the challenge having to pick only one to go to.

….but let’s be honest…this is especially the base because pretty much all of the restaurants in Syracuse are so good!

No matter what kind of restaurant you are into; vegetarian, Italian, late night, expensive or romantic, Syracuse will always have something to offer you.

This post will tell you about the best restaurants in Syracuse you need to visit for a number of excellent and delicious dishes you will never forget!

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Siracusa

Fond of vegetarian food? do visit these restaurants:

1. MOON – Move Ortigia Out of Normality

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Siracusa

Looking for affordable vegetarian restaurants in Syracuse?

MOON is definitely one of the best ones out there.

Not only is their vegan and vegetarian variety incredible, but the atmosphere of the entire restaurant captivates perfectly the growing boho-chic trends.

Their dishes are always made from the best organic and fresh ingredients; producing Sicilian recipes with a creative twist.

2. Just Veggie Ortigia

best restaurants in Syracuse

This restaurant is simply one of the best restaurants in Syracuse if you’re looking for a genuine vegetarian place to eat.


Well, many of its past clients have said that this restaurant has some of the best vegetarian food in the entire city!

If you decide to come, make sure to order the veggie burger. They’re a hit!

3. Caseificio Borderi

Restaurants in Siracusa

Looking for more of a casual meal?

Caseificio Borderi is one of the most unique and highly regarded restaurants in Syracuse. Although their menu mainly consists of sandwiches, they are nothing less than the best in the city.

But how come it’s such a unique restaurant?

Because all of the sandwiches have an unusual ingredient that somehow takes them to the next level….such as slices of orange inside a cheese sandwich!

All of them are hand made and put together with the best ingredients picked from the best farmer’s produce.

Best Late-Night Restaurants: Syracuse Guide

I love those lights!

1. Ristorante Regina Lucia

Best Late Night Restaurants in Syracuse

Among the top three best restaurants in Syracuse is Ristorante Regina Lucia. Located in the middle of the buzzing city, this late-night restaurant will easily provide you with the best Italian food in Syracuse.

While you’re enjoying one of the greatest plates of Sicilian pasta, you’ll be able to admire the Duomo of Syracuse from the outdoor area of the restaurant.

This restaurant will certainly not let you down.

2. A Putia Delle Cose Buone

Dining in Syracuse

An impressive collection of Sicilian wine is definitely the most stirring feature about this late-night restaurant in Syracuse.

The family-business A Putia Delle Cose Buone is the perfect place to dine in after the sun goes down after a long day of sightseeing around the city…while enjoying a glass of one of their delicious wines of course.

In fact, most of the people who have visited have described it as a splendid restaurant where you’ll get to experience the most authentic and traditional forms of Sicilian cuisine!

3. Ristorante Retroscena

Restaurant in Syracuse

If you are one to love affordable meals in trendy and elegant restaurants, then this late-night restaurant in Syracuse might just be the perfect place for you.

Decorated with a captivating blue and white design, Ristorante Retroscena has some of the best seafood Italian dishes in the city. From mussels to exquisite seafood pasta dishes, this restaurant will guarantee you an incredible meal below the stars of the Syracusan night sky.

It is also family friendly, and incredibly cozy according to many of its previous visitors.

Best Luxurious Restaurants: Syracuse Guide

But i also love Luxury!

1. Ristorante Regina Lucia

Best Luxurious Restaurants in Syracuse

To put it simply, Ristorante Regina Lucia has repeatedly been considered the best restaurant in Syracuse.

From its elegant interiors to its intricate food creations, this restaurant is probably the best choice to make if you’re looking to have an intimate gourmet dinner full of romance and delicious food.

Besides its acclaimed menu and wine selection, you can definitely expect to be treated like royalty! The staff takes service very seriously, and will do everything possible to convince you that it is indeed the best restaurant in Syracuse.

2. Bianco Pepe Food & Drink

Bianco Pepe Food & Drink Syracuse restaurant

This luxurious restaurant in Syracuse does a great job of sending a message of exclusivity and elegance. Hidden away in one of the charming streets of Syracuse, this late-night dining restaurant has an incomparable atmosphere made up of coziness and warmth.

Here, you can expect to eat some of the best of traditional Sicilian dishes such as handmade pizza and their legendary cannoli.

Want a special tip?

On hot summer evenings, make sure to book a table in their secret courtyard. You won’t regret it!

3. L’Ufficio – Ristorante a Siracusa

restaurant in Syracuse

Want a taste of Sicilian gourmet food?

There’s no better place for it than at L’Ufficio.

No, their dishes are not photoshopped. They have simply been crafted passionately and creatively by the wonderful kitchen staff; which certainly contribute towards making this small, discreet place one of the best restaurants in Syracuse.

Want another incentive to eat here?

It has often been considered as the most deserving restaurant in Syracuse of a Michelin star. I think that says everything.

Best Seafood Restaurants: Syracuse Guide

When in Syracuse, You Know it’s mandatory to have seafood, but where?

Well, here!

1. Ristorante Syraka

Best Seafood Restaurants in  Syracuse

I gotta give it to you. If you’re looking for seafood restaurants in Syracuse, then you definitely have good taste.


Because there simply isn’t a better place of it than here! And better yet, Ristorante Syraka is among the best seafood restaurants in Syracuse to find it in.

Located by the beach in Ortigia Island, you will not regret booking a table in this excellent restaurant.

2. Darsena da Ianuzzo

seafood restaurant in Syracuse

Not all the best food is served in fancy and expensive restaurants…and this seafood restaurant in Syracuse is the perfect example of this.

Darsena da Ianuzzo is a casual seafood restaurant in the middle of the city serving only the freshest seafood; most likely fished out a couple of hours prior to being on your plate

The best Sicilian dish to try from this restaurant is definitely the calamari and for dessert, lemon panna cotta.

3. Apollonion – Osteria da Carlo

where do locals eat in Syracuse

If you’re wondering where the Syracuse locals dine in the city, we have the answer.

Apollonion has been described as the best-kept secret of Syracuse – endless excellent seafood dishes extremely reasonable prices. Here, you’ll be sure to feel like a true local from Syracuse!

Definitely come visit if you want to get a real feel for local Syracusan life and seafood…it’s also a great option for when you’re getting tired of the typical tourist restaurants.

There is truly like this seafood restaurant!

Best Italian Restaurants: Syracuse Guide

If i’m spend a couple of days in Syracuse, i would also want to try their Italian food

1. Ristorante La Volpe E L’Uva

Syracuse italian restaurant

By now, you’ll notice that Italian restaurants in Syracuse are pretty much everywhere you look. However, not all of them are great-

Ristorante La Volpe E L’Uva though? Now, THAT’S one of the best Italian restaurants you can go to.

This restaurant has all the elements of an ancient cavern, constructing an incredibly unique ambiance that you won’t find anywhere else.

Make sure that you order their famous Spaghetti Alla Chitarra! It’s a favorite among Syracusian locals.

2. Ristorante l’Gnuri

 the best of Syracuse dining

For meals with wonderful views of the sea, incredible seafood and excellent service, this Italian restaurant in Syracuse is among the best to dine in.

Since it is, in fact, located so close to the sea, you can only expect to eat the best seafood in Syracuse! Local guides seem to recommend this place to newcomers of Syracuse, as it does an amazing job at captivating Syracuse in a single setting: evenings of wonderful food, the ocean, and wine.

3. Comari

green eat in Syracuse

Located in the center of the city, you simply cannot go to Syracuse without having at least one dinner in this exquisite Italian restaurant.

Whether you are vegetarian or not, Comari has excellent Italian options for both. In fact, vegetarian dishes are usually equally as intricate and complex as the rest; by incorporating all kinds of vegetables in the most delicious ways.

E. 7 Ideas To Make Shopping in Syracuse, Sicily a Wonderful Experience

You couldn’t possibly think that you could walk around the beautiful city of Syracuse without buying some of the great things they have to offer.

On the other hand, you might get overwhelmed by the crazy amount of souvenirs on display in the incredible street markets and shops in the city.

Not sure what the best things to buy in Syracuse are? Here’s the Souvenirs Syracuse Guide

Don’t worry. This post will tell you everything you need to know about shopping in Syracuse; from the best markets to the greatest things to buy as souvenirs or gifts.

1. Antique and Vintage Items

antique and vintage market in  Syracuse

If you want to buy antique and vintage items, you’ll be happy to hear that Syracuse is home to some of the best stores to shop for them.

In particular, the best shopping in Syracuse for antiques is in Piazza Archimede. Make sure to visit Massimo Izzo and Al Leone Antiques to find the best Sicilian jewelry, incredible ranges of traditional art such as paintings, statues and books, and the best for last….rows and rows of the most authentic and unique pieces of vintage, Sicilian fashion.

2. Market of Syracuse

traditional Market of Syracuse

Located in the legendary island of Ortigia, the traditional Market of Syracuse will give you the best shopping experience in the entire city.

It is characterized by its Arabic essence; with stalls full of colorful spices, farmers’ goods and fresh seafood.

The Market of Syracuse is the perfect place that gives a genuine feel of the culture in Syracuse. It’s also a great place to buy the best ingredients for you to cook your own Sicilian meal!

3. Ceramics

Sicilian ceramics and pottery

Sicily as a whole is known for its amazing Sicilian ceramics and pottery; mostly known as Caltagirone

You’re able to find pretty much anything! plates, decorations, jars, jugs, and more to give your home a touch of Sicilian charm.

Shopping in Syracuse for these wonderful souvenirs is possible around the whole city. However, the best shops for it are Atelier Sicilia Concept Store and Dolu Ceramics.

If you want to ensure that the ceramics you buy are as unique as they can be, you can easily find for customized and personalized pieces of pottery.

4. Diffusione Tessile

 Sicilian shopping center-mall

Looking for some of the best pieces of fashion in Sicily?

If you are looking for the best experience in clothes shopping in Syracuse, the Diffusione Tessile outlets have around 17 stores in which you’ll find designer clothes of the highest quality you can imagine.

If you have a craving to spend a little more on luxury fashion items at a lower price, there’s no better place in Syracuse to go shopping in than this!

5. Wooden Puppets

 traditional wooden puppets in Sicily

Besides ceramics, Sicily is also very famous for its traditional wooden puppets. These are the greatest kinds of souvenirs to buy for children! Besides being toys, they are incredibly intricate and delicate Sicilian crafts.

The best shopping in Syracuse for wooden puppets is definitely in the Puppet Lab and Theater, which is indeed a UNESCO protected site!

6. Sicilian Marzipan Fruits

 best markets in  Syracuse

One of the best things to snack on and buy in Syracuse are Frutta Martorana; otherwise known as Sicilian marzipan fruits.

They are miniature replicas of marzipan; available throughout the whole year! Shopping in Syracuse for these tasty pastries is very popular and common; you can find them pretty much in every corner store, street market and supermarket!

7. Tiné Flori – Flower Shop

gift & specialty shops in Syracuse

Sure, the typical forms of souvenirs and gifts in Syracuse are beautiful and are able to make great gifts.

But if you really want to make a good investment for a great souvenir, make sure to buy some flowers or even a gorgeous orange bush at the Tiné Fiori flower shop.

Even f you don’t buy anything and just look around, this will give you an original and amazing experience while shopping in Syracuse. The shop itself is breathtaking!

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