11 Unique Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow Now [Feb 2019]

Today, social media platforms have become a way for us to see the world. Through the creativity and talent of travel bloggers, new places, countries, and cultures are being shown to us every day; often motivating us to become travel influencers ourselves. 

If you are looking for a great list of travel instagram accounts, you are at right place!

Here’s what i curated for you and to make your job easy!


1. Vanilla Sky Dreaming

hofitkimcohen travel blogger

Hofit Kim Cohen is a full-time travel & lifestyle blogger who runs a blog called Vanilla Sky Dreaming for the last 5 years and have traveled to over 67 countries since starting her travel account.
She is a solo adventurous female traveler with a dream chaser gypsy soul seeking to inspire the world around me to live out their best life by traveling the world, feeling independent and confident with who they are and inspiring them to live a happier and healthier lifestyle all around.
Her mission is always to help empower people and help inspire them to dream big and make their dreams come true.
In her blog she covers adventure, luxury and solo travels along side healthy living, inspirational stories, words of wisdom, spirituality and self growth.

2. Coffee With A Slice Of Life

sarah solo traveler

After quitting her job and selling her belongings in 2011, solo traveler Sarah embarked on a journey that until this day has not finished, and has no plans to. This travel blogger translates her love for unpredictability, openness, and spontaneity in all her posts; especially her passion for scuba diving. She is also the proud founder of ‘Girls that Scuba’ a community of scuba divers around the world.

Read More about Sarah here

3. Coleman Concierge

coleman concierge adventurous couple

Married couple Jenn and Ed have a mission – to embrace life and live it to the fullest. Their way of getting everything out of life is by exploring the world and discovering all its hidden corners. Together, they have traveled all over North America, and a large part of East Asia.

This adventurous couple is interested in many things. One of them is in the environment, and promote activities that reflect that such as ecotourism, biking, and scuba diving.

They also like to lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy finding ways to have the best trips while saving the most amount of money.

Follow their travel instagram account here

4. Dan Flying Solo

dan flying solo traveler

For four years, Dan and his trusty camera traveled the world; capturing the most incredible moments of all sorts of beautiful places, people and cultures. Not only are his photographic skills amazing, but his blog posts encourage readers to think about social issues that happen around the world.

Dan is a strong believer of traveling being the best education; a philosophy that is well reflected in his blog posts, and reflections about each of his encounters.

5. Travel Dave

travel dave travel hacking


Since the young age of 15, Dave’s desire to travel the world has not stopped developing. Until this day, he has lived a nomad lifestyle that strongly relies on Travel Hacking techniques.

He constantly travels from place to place and settles somewhere new in what he determines as a ‘temporary home’ for some time until he gets up and repeats the process.

If you want to learn how to live a highly mobile and independent life, make sure to follow Dave and his book Travel Hacking.

6. The Barefoot Nomad

bare foot nomad traveler

Canadian couple Charles and Micki Kosman have been documenting their travels around the world for over 10 years. When they say ‘all over the world’, they are quite serious about it. They have been all over Europe, Africa, East Asia, South America; and they haven’t been doing it alone. Their kids have gone with them every step of the way!

This is a great blog to read if you want to learn how to juggle having children, working and traveling at the same time.  

Follow their travel instagram account here

7. Finding The Universe

lozula travel instagrammer

Traveling and discovering the hidden corners of the world is something that Jess and Laurence strongly live by. In their blog, you will find plenty of stories about their travels together, what they have experienced tips and advice on where the best places to go are.

Especially if you are interested in photography, you will be able to find the best locations for taking photos and information about photography gear.

Follow their travel Instagram account here

8. Pommie Travels

pommie travels female traveler

Since 2008, Victoria has devoted her life to travel. She has been to over 48 countries, and 200 cities; initially working hard in a series of temporary jobs to finance her travels.

She is an inspiring young lady that refuses to conform to social norms and has opted to take on a life filled with adventure and exploring new places.

9. Landlopers

landlopers male travel blogger

Differently to many backpack travel bloggers, Matt Long focuses on writing about his adventures as a wanderer with a weak spot for a little bit of luxury.

Not only that, he aims to teach others how it is possible to travel the world without having to sell their belongings or quit their jobs – he believes that traveling and exploring the world should be accessible and doable for everyone.

10. Nomad Revelations

Nomad revelations Instagram account


For those excited about discovering the most exotic and offbeat places on the planet, Nomad Revelations is the perfect blog to read. Joao’s blog is full of memories and stories about his exciting trips around more than 130 countries in the world.

His blog has been so successful, that he has had some input in globally recognized travel guide Lonely Planet.

Follow his account @joaoleitaoviagens

11. Everything Zany

Everything Zany travel writer

Everything Zany offers everything about everywhere It covers contrasting views on each place that this talented traveler lands on. For example, she provides extensive research comparing Western and Eastern cultures and aims to show different sides of each country; luxury and budget places to stay, expensive restaurants and unknown places to eat.

And you can always follow us at @agapelesslove

Many travel-focused Instagrammers are already successful in their social media careers; managing to have thousands of people to follow them on their adventures across the world, and inspiring others to create travel social media accounts of their own.

These influencers are also excellent references and sources of information that let us know where to go next, what the best places to eat are, and give us pointers on things to do in each of these places.

Besides the most popular travel bloggers out there, there are still many aspiring travel bloggers out there trying to ‘make it’ in the digital world.

Do comment the name of your favorite travel blogger!


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