What To Buy in Palermo: My Top 6 Souvenirs List

When we visit any city for the first time, it is a must to go shopping for souvenirs, gifts, or just treats for ourselves.

If you are running out of ideas of what to buy in Palermo, this guide will help you add more original and unique items into your shopping list for when you’re shopping in Palermo.

1) Sicilian Coffa Bag

Sicilian Coffa bags are perhaps the most iconic souvenir you can buy in Palermo. Originally, coffa bags are made out of straw and were used to carry food from the markets, but are now used to make a fashion statement. This is by far the best souvenir from Palermo to buy as it heavily represents the history of Palermo, and helps to carry out Sicilian traditions. Today, you can buy coffa bags anywhere – whether it is street markets in Palermo or whether you get a luxury shopping opportunity in one of Palermo’s shopping outlets. 

2) Martorana Fruit 

Passionate about food?

Struggling to know what to buy in Palermo to satisfy your food cravings?

Martorana fruit is a great pastry from Sicily that can either make a present for someone else or be enjoyed by you.

In a few words,

marzipan is sculpted into any realistic-looking fruits. Not only are they great to eat, but they are also a work of art. Shop at Mercato di Capo to find the best Martorana fruits of Palermo. 

Perhaps the best shopping neighborhoods for buying Martorana fruit are Castellamare and Vecchio, since all the best markets in Palermo are located there.

3) Caltagirone Pottery

Shopping in Palermo for Sicily’s iconic Caltagirone pottery is a must when in Palermo.

Caltagirone pottery is colorful and joyful, most of the time handcrafted by talented Italian artisans. It also comes in thousands of different ways; from large vases to small mugs you can use for your breakfast coffee.

You can easily find these in any gift or specialty shop in Palermo‘s historical center. If you’re looking for a unique piece of Caltagirone pottery, shopping at Mercato delle Pulci is probably the best option. 

4) Sicilian Wine

You simply cannot leave Palermo without buying a traditional Sicilian wine.

You can find the best wines by looking round the best shopping neighborhoods in Palermo such as Il Capo, Castellammare and Vecchio Centro.

There is indeed a lot of great wines in the city, but the best wine in Palermo is definitely the Marsala. Buying this bottle as a souvenir is definitely a great way to remember Palermo.

5) Edible Souvenirs

Everybody knows that Italy is best known for its delicious food, which just about makes it the best thing to go shopping for in Palermo.

Some of the best food-related things you can buy in Palermo are typical Sicilian marmalade, tins of tuna, dry pasta or olive oil.

The best markets in Palermo such as Bellaro or La Vucciria are excellent places to go shopping for them.

On the other hand,

shops like Gusti di Sicilia and Borrega dei Sapori are also among the greatest gift and specialty shops in Palermo to find them in. 

6) Puppets

Sicily’s puppet theater has been a sensation since the 19th century. If you have been finding it difficult to figure out what to buy in Palermo for a child or simply a toy enthusiast, marionettes or puppets make the best souvenirs from Palermo.

The best puppet shop in Palermo is found a few meters away from Via Roma. The family-owned artisanal workshop Il Laboratorio Teatrale, they sell the most beautiful, high-quality handcrafted puppets that you will ever see in the whole of Palermo. 

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