9 Best What To Eat In Palermo Options[Sicily]: Here’s My Fav. List

I know…it can be hard to know what else to eat besides pizza and pasta when in Palermo.

You’re wrong….If you thought you’d only be eating pizza for the rest of the trip.

In fact, there are a lot more things you can try out from Palermo’s delicious Sicilian cuisine.

This post contains the best what to eat in palermo options, including dishes and streetfood you had no idea existed.

Here’s my favorite list….

Table of Contents

1. Cannolo of Sicily

Cannolo Of Sicily Palermo

Known as ‘Canneloni Siciliani”, these are the most famous Sicilian pastries of Palermo. This is the perfect food to eat as a dessert for when you are on the street as it is easy to carry around, and a joy to eat while admiring Palermo’s legendary buildings.

It is a roll of dough that wraps around ricotta cream, that often contains some of Sicily’s sweetened fruits as decoration. These can be bought in pretty much any bakery in Palermo.

2. Pezzi di Rosticceria

Pezzi di rosticceria Palermo street food

If you’re looking for the best of Palermo street food, this is definitely it. Pezzo quite simply means ‘dough’, and is made out of basic but mighty ingredients. Prezzos can be baked into all sorts of different creations, but the most famous ‘prezzi di rosticceria’ are those stuffed with mozzarella cheese, Vienna sausage, tomato sauce or mincemeat.

Pezzi Di Rosticceria: This Palermo specialty is best enjoyed by the sea, or in one of Palermo’s wonderful parks.

3. Arancina


Arancinas are the perfect common Sicilian dish to snack on at any time of the day. They are fried balls of rice stuffed with ham, tomato sauce, meat or cheese. It’s also a great idea to get it as an appetizer before a large meal.

All in all, it’s a delicious Sicilian delicacy you just can’t miss! The best arancini in Palermo can be found at Kepalle Arancine; a restaurant offering a wide diversity of flavors and who promises only the best of Sicilian dining.

4. Rascatura

Rascatura, Food to eat in Palermo

If you are struggling to pick one out of the hundreds of amazing things to eat in Palermo, then the Rascatura just has to be one of them. This common Sicilian dish has often been called a ‘Sicilian masterpiece’. It started off as a staple dish from times of poverty and struggle, to becoming one of the most delicious and artistic specialties of Palermo.

In short,

The Rascature came to be as a way of recycling the dough remains from when cooking the “Crocche”; another of Palermo’s favorite things to eat. Today, after refining and improving this innovative recipe, it is an incredible piece of Palermo’s history to try.

5. Babbaluci

Babbaluci snails dish

For those who want to try a more eccentric and peculiar side of Palermo street food, a bowl of Babbaluci is a great place to start. On the 14th of July, the liveliest day of Palermo, this dish is by far the most popular and loved. The ingredients are basic and simple – snails, garlic and parsley.

Together, they bring together the fresh flavors of the Mediterranean, while telling the story of the city of Palermo in this historical day. This is an incredible seafood dish to try no matter what.

6. Cassata

Cassata Pastry Italy

Debating what to eat in Palermo for dessert?

The wonderful Sicilian Cassata is the way to go. This is one of the most special and elaborate dishes in Sicilian dining that used to be loved by the kings and queens of the city. It includes three important food specialties of Palermo such as marzipan, candied fruit, and ricotta cream.

Together, they will create an explosion of sweetness and happiness.

7. Torta setteveli

Torta Setteveli Chocolate tart palermo


This chocolate wonder would also make a great contribution to your ‘What to eat in Palermo’ list.

Put simply,

It is an exquisite tart that combines different layers of chocolate, whipped cream, hazelnut, and Italian almonds. With only one bite, this true Sicilian pastry will show you what heaven tastes like – that’s what the locals say at least.

8. Stigghiola

Stigghiola Palermo

Stigghiola is the ultimate embodiment of Sicilian cuisine. Mostly eaten as a quick afternoon snack, this typical Palermo street food is lamb wrapped around a skewer, seasoned with garlic, lemon and parsley.

It may sound simple and basic, but it is the perfect example of how a cheap eat in Palermo can take you by surprise and keep you craving for more.

9) Sfincione

sicilian street dish sfincione

Looking for a pizza upgrade? Sfincione is the perfect street food snack to try.

Tomato sauce, anchovies and cheese are blended into one, and spread across a sponge-like pizza dough. Although it is made from some of the most basic ingredients in Italian cuisine, it actually takes quite a lot practice and skill to get it just right.

Pro Tip: The easiest way to find Sfincione is by looking out for wondering cart-carrying street vendors.

Editor’s Choice

If You ask me, my personal favorite has always been no.7 and no.2;


Do comment what’s your favorite on the list!

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